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6 string banjo (banjitar) or resonator guitar?

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I'm very pleassed with my 'adopted' (from my father) Ovation Celebrity acoustic/electric shallow roundback, but I want something else to play.. Something twangy, with that 'hillbilly' bluegrass sound.

I am thinking either a Aria 6-string banjo (used, but professionally cared for), or a new $200 Rogue Triolian resonator guitar from Musiciansfriend.com. The banjo is a whole lot heavier, I know, but it retails for $350, and available under $200. Personally, I prefer the look of the banjo, I'm not crazy about the resonator/dobro.

I don't expect to be walking too much with the banjo, so the weight shouldn't be much of a problem..

I basically have my heart set on the banjo, but want some opinions on the two.. For example, what is the maintenance on a 6-string banjo like? ALso, I prefer picking strings over strumming chords..

Any thoughts? Throw em' at me!



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becarefull when you buy this online...it took me a while to find one to play as a demo but it was worth it...i love the 6 string banjo...bantar...gitjo...whatever you wanna call it...the deering brand is the best however you'll have to mortgage your house to get one...the washburn is kinda cheesy and twangy but fun to play...checkk oout folkofthewood.com for reviews...do a google search and shop....most are available less than 300.00

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Well, I lost out on the great deal, someone placed a buy-it-now and got the one I was after. I should have gone for it wwhen I had the chance.

How is the MasterCraft brand?

banjitar mastercraft 6 string banjo guitar banjo

This includes basically everything, (soft) padded case, strap, tuner..

Or... Music123 has a Dean Backwoods:


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Both of the above links are for Banjos with guitar necks, 6-string. That's what I'm after, not a standard 5-string banjo.

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