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My new hero is Lcjones!

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HAHAHAHA......... and that was about the extent of it, X4!......LC

Don't be so modest LC... you made a lot of folks happy with another one of your skills...Thanks for being here :thumbup1:

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Every cloud has a silver lining, so they say ...:thumbup1:

Great stuff Clancy and LC!

After trying link after link, I found that the GFB&B radio was still working, so all day I listened to our members doing their stuff (somehow I never normally get around to listening to it) and what did I learn?........Les knows about Native American history (Grey Owl's Feather) unless that was just co-incidence (and what a great song/singing that is).......and.......Kirk is not only a great guitarist and teacher, but also has a great singing voice :claping: :claping:

I also discovered that Rockerbob and Steve were even more talented than I had realised (if that's possible) and that everyone on that radio is very, very, gifted... and an inspiration to all of us 'lesser mortals' :claping::clap:

It never occured to me that anything was actually 'wrong' - I just assumed that Clancy was busy with her 'wizardry' and deep in the middle of some of her computer magic - casting her geeky spells (I know such things are 'secret' so I don't even ask) so we can all relax and enjoy the music! Thanks to Clancy and Les :thumbup1:

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Sorry its getting late{rush job}

Click on the photo


Where can I learn the skills to fix putrs that way?? So far all I've got is a bruised hand!

Good one! :lol:

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