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I have a question

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I've seen this before on this site and I think it may have been the lovely Clancy who did it .

Shortening a short cut ..

SoundClick song info: Decent Music by hilch - Song info page with free MP3 music downloads

There is a short cut to some music a mate and I did a little while ago

I've seen in other sites and this one where people have something along the lines of

And you can hear it here and all you do is click the word here and by jingo by crikey up it pops ..

Ok you smarties time to come clean how do you it ?

I really wanna know and if you don't tell me I am going to cry and ifs that not enough I'll record it ...

And you will hear it as I will call it something like " Hilch meets E.Clapton and we play tears in heaven " :smilinguitar: :smilinguitar: :smilinguitar:

Seriously how do you guys do it ?


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Ok , heres how to do this UBB code : Decent Music

Copy the link you want to post , then click on the little world with the chain link button in the reply area , a popup box will popup , and just type your word in the box and then paste the URL in the box and then click finish . and your link will be automatically posted , ( but make sure you only have 1 http:// in the box , as that is automatically added , i usually delete that as when you copy a link from the address bar it copy's the full URL . )

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Copy link

bring up world chain box

erase the http:// in it

paste link

the text at the end of the copied link right after the number the words that have a "-" before them

as in -online -tuner

can be changed to what ever you want

then insert a space after the link and save

or is it just a coincidence?

coincidence cuz they don't all have numbers so see Spray Techs example for inserting words

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Never give up.....I think I need some help here. I get the pop up window and it has http:// in it. I deleted this and pasted in the url. At that stage (in the pop up box) there is no URL= , no quotation marks, no brackets and no [/url] at the end, so I can't put in spaces between = and "http etc.

If I then press OK it transfers alright to the 'Post Message' box. Now there are quotation marks, URL=, and [/url] but there are 2 http's complete with the url addresses.

I deleted the second of the url's between the [/url] at the end, and the /"] at the end of the first version of the URL, put in the spaces and type in 'here' in front of the final [/url] etc, but when I 'Post Reply' it looks right on the thread, but the link doesn't work.

Any ideas anyone? (I notice that Hilch never made it back to this thread and I can see why :)

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I see you Hilch ......(I was so busy trying to figure out this whole thing that the posts crossed). If only I was showing off - I'm just dispaying my inadequacies - worse luck :oops: - the links won't work :brickwall:

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Carol below


Should Look like this in your reply Ignore **


When I do the insert link, the part you need to delete stays highlighted in a text block which you can delete and then just type the description you wish to have.

In preview post the link is active so you will know if you got it to work and if link is the correct one .. hope this helps not confuses.

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