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€156 For a Les Paul Custom copy!!!!

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Hey all

There has been so much posted here from our US cousins about cheap guitars I think I have found some great gear for next to nothing in europe.

Here is a LP Custom for €156

eBay.ie: KEIPER TOP LP STYLE IN WHITE 113WH (item 300049250121 end time 12-Jul-07 08:28:45 BST)

The reviews are ok as well

Keiper Guitars 113BL: Harmony Central User Reviews

I bought one yesterday and I also ordered a LP Hollow body guitar for even cheaper

eBay: THE KEIPER LES PAUL STYLE JASS GUITAR 109 RDS (Artikel 300049250146 endet 22.06.07 16:51:28 MESZ)

Check out the ebay shop, loads of very cheap guitars, cases, drums and even bongo's that all have decent reviews:

eBay UK Shop - KEIPER-INSTRUMENTS-GBR: Guitars accessories, Electric Guitars, Electro-Acoustic Guitars

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Congrats, Kriss - those are both nice-lookin' axes! That Jazzer looks especially cool to me. I dig the double binding on the bodies, nice little touch. Do let us know how you like them.

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wow - nice...looking forward to your review...

I'd be tempted, but I don't think my queen would appreciate another guitar clogging up the apartment...she's only just getting used to the new Strat!!!..

Must work on some brownie points!

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