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Cleaning your fretboard/fingerboard

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I've got a maple board. Can I still use lemon oil?

Denatured alcohol? Acetone, you mean? Please use layman's language. I'm a commerce student. Lack knowledge in sciency stuff :P

No lemon oil is for raw fretboards such as rosewood, ebony pau ferro (like that wood), maple is always finished and does not require oiling. Use the same cleaner as you do for the guitar body.

Acetone is NOT alcohol - it is used to STRIP nail polish dont use it on a guitar.

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The easiest safest cleaner is lighter fluid! I clean fretboards all day long with it, and a coarse paper towel. But the real secret is Fret Doctor fret board oil. Designed for expensive clarinets, it contains a dozen exotic plant oils and nourishes the wood. I can basically recondition a fretboard in 5 to 10 minutes with these two.

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