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Kirk Lorange

New Lesson - Danny Boy

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I've just uploaded a new lesson, Danny Boy. What a wonderful tune it is, too. It's such an evocative melody, I wept openly the whole time I was putting it together. :wink:

This version is in G, and I tried to keep it fairly straight forward, but I also did a more complex version in D, in Dropped-D, which I'll load up in the next couple of days.

You'll notice that we're implementing a new way of delivering my lessons. The basic movie/tab format that began years ago is still free, but the extra bells and whistles that I introduced later on as attachments are no longer free. You can download them now for a small fee, and the movies from now on will be in much higher resolution and will include the animated fretboard. You'll also get the GuitarPro file, midi files, the Mp3 and the tab/notation.

Enjoy the lesson, you'll find it here. :)

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Well, hows that for timing!

I just ordered the sheet music for "Danny Boy" last week, with an eye to developing a fingerpicking version for my own repertoire.

Kurt's version has certainly set the bar at a high level. Beautifully done.

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