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could you explain to me how to use it , sorry im new to guitar software and could you suggest 1 please

First choose one. Most will have a simple tutorial of some kind. Genral rule of thumb is 60 to 80 is slow blues kind of stuff,120 is medeum fast and 220 is fast. Some tabs,but mostly standard will tell you what the beats per minute should be. There are lots of excercises you can do with a met. If you are going to go the scale way than this will help you develop speed. Google for how to use a metronome. I am sure you will find lots of stuff very easily. Here is a link to a bunch of mets.


EDIT Took 20 sec.s to find this one.


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its just used to keep u in tune or beat wit the song,so tht if ur playing as a band no one is goin out of like ,like guitarist playing to fast and so on......its basically a device tht ticks like a clock in different beats.......

i dun use it though...i just listen to the song i want to play alot until i get the timing right and then it just comes naturally i guess:thumbup1:

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