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Posted 08 May 2007 - 02:24 AM

This is an index of all the lessons contained here in Tekker's Lessons Forum.

• The numbered lessons are arranged to be read in a particular order with the basic lessons starting at the top and then get gradually more advanced moving down the list. The goal is for someone with no prior knowledge to be able to start with the first link and read through the lessons in order and use the knowledge gained in previous lessons to understand the content in the next lessons.

• The lessons with asterisks (*) are isolated lessons that don't need to go in any particular order.


01) Music Theory Basics
02) Harmonic Conjugations (Chord Progressions)
03) 7th Chords
04) Chord Substitution
05) Modulation (Key Changes)

* Linking The 5 Major Scale Patterns
* Q & A


01) Computer Recording: What You Need To Get Started
02) Microphones
03) Connecting To Soundcard
04) How To Use the Standard Windows Sound Mixer
05) Computer Recording Software - Getting Started (General Basic Recording Process and Demonstration Using Reaper)
06) Computer Recording: Improving Sound Quality

** The 'FREEBIE' List (Free VST Effects Plugins and Recording Programs)

* Mixing Tips
* Removing Background Noise & Hiss
* Guitar Multi-Effects Processors and VST Plugins
* Reaper Tutorial (Basic Setup and Using Reaper as a Guitar Effects Processor)
* Kristal Audio Tutorial (Basic Setup and Using Kristal as a Guitar Effects Processor)


01) Practicing With A Metronome

* Finger Exercise Patterns
* Building Hand and Finger Strength


* Random Chord Progression Generator
* Random Strumming Pattern Generator
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Tekker's Lessons on GfB&B: Music Theory, Recording, and General Guitar


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