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A cautionary tale

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starsailor    20

I was checking out guitars on a certain well known auction site, I always check sellers out.

While checking I came across this cautionary tale, a bit of an eyeopener.

Check this out and see how to get into a world of pain.Have to google it.




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allthumbs    8

I would never buy a large purchase directly from China. I know people who have bought pick guards from him and been happy with them so far. Buying two thousand bucks worth of guitars over such a short period of time is not wise. People forget that China is in it's infancy in dealing with a free market economy. They are about 50 years behind the west in business ethics. I watched a program on western businesses trying to start up in China. They got eaten alive over there. It is all about short term profit regardless of long term consequences.

I would only buy small items I could afford to write off.

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bluesguy    0

There is also a large amount of 'slave' labor going on in China. Political and religious prisoners are used in factories to produce products that are bought in the west

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mattz196    15

This companies guitars certainly sound as though if purchased you would end up with a large headache :hammers: Its a pity this great inlay work is wasted by them using inferior unseasoned timbers. Reading between the lines I am guessing the company is Taiwanese but doing the intricate work in Vietnam. The Vietnamese are very very good at this type of work, great carvers of wood and marble. Perhaps if you took a sunny holiday on China Beach , you could pack your own neck and find someone to do the inlays for you, while you have a few Tiger beers on the sun lounge. :yes:

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