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Way Back When

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The TAB, GuitarPro file, midi files and notation that come with this lesson are now only available as part of the "Fingerstyle Lesson Pack" Details here.
Here's another original for you. I'm not sure why I called it 'Way Back When' ... the title sort of popped out of thin air and I didn't dispute it. There's a melancholy vibe to it, though; perhaps that's it.

This one is deceptively challenging. What seems at first like a straight forward finger picking pattern is actually quite difficult. The top melody line keeps jumping in before the downbeat, anticipating the beat, and it's not easy to keep it flowing. Also, you'll need to keep the fretting fingers nice and arched over to keep from muffling the notes on the high strings. I just kept working away at it until I got close enough to record it, but I'll be practicing it a bit more (I only wrote it last night).

It's in G, all related chords, so nothing to report on that front, but you'll notice that there are some unusual voicings and names in amongst it all. That G/C, for example, could be named Gsus4, with the 4 as the bass note; the GM7/C could be seen as a Csus2 chord with a sharp11 thrown in ... chord names are often interchangeable and really don't mean much more than 'these are the notes I've chosen'.

Unlike most chord-changing, which is best dealt with by moving the fingers to the bass notes first, this piece requires the opposite: because of those anticipated top line notes, you need to get your fingers to the treble strings first and then add the lower notes ... unless of course your hand is so well tuned that you can instantly finger the whole chord at once. Mine isn't!

Other than that, I can't think of any other points to mention. It's one of those pieces that is very satisfying to play once you lock it all in, though, so give it a whirl.


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