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Which guitarist do you currently admire most

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Laney1566    0

I think the purest raw talent out there was Angus Young. During a time when everybody was using pedals and effects, Angus simply plugged direct into the amp and used very little distortion yet still got all that tone out of his guitar. Anybody who as ever tried to copy his chops note for note knows it is a daunting task to perfect.

That said....Ace Frehley is still my hero:walkman:

Yes Zakk is great. Yes Eddie is great. Perhaps the greatest guitarist ever never had much of a chance to show us his full potential. (Randy Rhoades)

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P-90    1
I've ever seen Alvin Lee use 90% barre chords...

I'm sorry to see that there is no way to edit one's posts after they've been up for a little while... I've reconsidered my statement, in that this seems to be a place where critical statements can only take away from from the supportive atmosphere. I therefore retract my snarky comment about Alvin Lee.

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Myrdhinn    0

No problem ...everyone has their tastes and view guitarists differenty. Just I've see TYA in concert settings and The Alvin Lee Band in the club setting. He's slowed down since TYA but when I saw TYA in the mid 70s he really was extremely fast doing solos. Not like the ones now days using a more classical approach but still impressive.

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Berlu    0

I admire Brian May from Queen the most right now. He was an innovator of the Delay effect, and that wall of AC30's is just fun to look at.

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SGK531    0

Well, for whatever reason I'm not a huge, huge fan of classic rock and metal-type stuff. however, I can definitley understand the utter awesomeness of many of the guitarists mentioned above.

I think Carrie Brownstein (Sleater-Kinney's guitarist) is pretty rad. She's not the most worldsmost talented in terms of technique, but she's probably inspired more girls to pick up guitars than any other woman in rock. She also wrote/co-wrote some awesome songs.

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Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman and so many others I couldn't list them all. I have favorites from country, jazz, blues, rock, metal, instrumental, classical, flamenco... basically any player who plays with intensity, melody, phrasing and timing is worthy to be on my list. How could anyone pick just ONE? Glad you didn't make us!

Though, I really enjoy Joe Satriani... if I had one person I'd want to study with, it would be him... not because I want to be a rock god, which I don't, I just happen to feel Satriani's music in my soul more than any other, and I wish to one day be able to create music that hits me just like his music hits me.

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testekleez    0

When I think of guitarists I try to keep their style and creativity in mind. Having said that, I have to break them down into categories as there are many I admire and really each guitarist should have their own signatures to their playing so.... and these are all my opinion so someone might say, well no this guy is the best shredder etc. Just my opinion.....


Best Shredder/Guitar Gymnist - Paul Gilbert

Best Metal - Dimebag

Most Melodic (Solos) - Marty Friedman (Just listen to "Valley of Eternity" not to mention some of the stuff he did with Megadeth also his signature bend techniques)

Best Jazz - Pat Methany

Best Rock - David Gilmour

Best Blues and Rock combined - Joe Perry

Most "Feel" - Brian Doherty (Big Wreck)

Most Fun - Eddie Van Halen

Most Creative - Eric Johnson

Most Versatile - Prince

Rythm (Electric) and/or Fingerpickin (Acoustic):

Most Mindblowing (Acoustic) - Leo Kottke (Always hear his stuff and say, what the heck? How did he...)

Most Original (Electric) - Adam Jones

Most Creative (Electric) - Ian Thornley

Most Melodic (Electric and Acoustic) - Jim O'Rourke

Best Classical Guitarist - Andrew York

That's all I can think of offhand. Oh yeah, Bass is a guitar kinda lol I have to throw out Les Claypool as well for reinventing the way bass is done and not too many bands out there like them. Certainly the most original and creative bassist I've ever heard.

I'd have to throw Geezer Butler out there as well as his lines just are so groovy and tasty and Black Sabbath wouldn't be what they were without his unique sound.

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r1p32    1

Some guitarists I really admire:

Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads, John Mayer, Alex Lifeson, and SRV who I'm recently getting into.

But if I had to say a favorite guitarist, it would definitely be John Frusciante from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. That man is amazing. He is a constant source of inspiration for me as a guitar player and an aspiring vocalist.

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testekleez    0

You know I just realized I left Jimi Hendrix out of the equation in my post. Not purposely though just slipped my mind.

I put Jimi down as most original because he was way ahead of his time and no one was doing anything close to what he was doing back in his prime.

Now the list is complete for me lol.

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When I think of virtuosity there's a number of all time greats.

Jimi Hendrix---Rock

Rev. Gary Davis---Ragtime

Django Rhienhardt---Jazz

Brian Setzer---Rockabilly

Carlos Santana---Rock

Jerry Douglas---Dobro

Other greats, in no particular order:

Guy Forsyth

Jorma Kaukonen

Dickey Betts

Jerry Garcia

Tony Rice

Albert Collins

B.B. King

Blind Willie McTell

David Bromberg

Chuck Berry

Ted Nugent

Mark Knopfler

Johnny Winter

Junior Brown

Leo Kottke

Peter Rowan

Jim Heath

Bo Diddley

Alvin Lee

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Foxxeh    0

im feelin synyster gates atm

jus great

never rly had a fave all time classic guitar player coz there has been so many greats

prolly jimmy paige =]

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Nice find Jimbllrd, looks like ol Bob was ready to throw down the gloves there about half way thru and offer a challenge...{and sounded like he'd hold his own too}that was sweet.

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guess I should of said the Towell not gauntlet.

here's one more Amazing video, but there are serveral more on YouTubeSearch "Scotty Anderson"

YouTube - Scotty Anderson & Bob Saxton - It Don't Mean A Thing


After watching, I knew what you meant to say...

after the last one...you can't say "He ain't got that swing" Thanks again Jim, definitly have to check him out some more.:winkthumb:

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