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Electric Playing

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Hey all,

After a while away from GFB&B (Have been practising alot, that much I never even thought of posting :eek: ), I'm back with a question.

I've been playin my electric alot lately, and have problems getting anything out of it that sounds good. For example I can only do the songs I play on acoustic, and not anything that is really meant for an electric. :reallymad:

Also, most of the songs I look up for electric are kinda hard, seeing I am only a beginner.

Does anyone know any pattern or song I can play thru, that isn't too hard, and sounds good on electric? (like some rock) :yeahhh:. Or is it more a question of "improvising" ?

Ty in advance ;):smilinguitar:


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Really helped me too. I might videotape my version of enter sandman and Youtube it soon. Just have to learn the solo and afew other parts. I started off playing electric, sorta a bad choice.

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