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  1. We are still tweaking the masters, but here's a tune from the soon to be Lewis & Walker 11. Working title for the project is "Shut Up And Sing!" Its all instrumentals. All the red tracks are drums. The green track is guitar and the blue track is bass. The 2 far right channels are a reverb on a buss and a master track. Minimal arrangement. I used a pedal board to change tones on the fly, something I don't have to do in the studio. We jam to the basic structure a couple time, then start recording. For this project, the structure is based on either a guitar lick or a bass lick. We record several takes and pick the one we like best. I guess it is a loosely, quickly "arranged by jamming" and hoping we get a take we like. Its fun playing together. So much of studio work can be done in remote locations, jamming with a live person has decreased. Its loss I'm glad we tried to avoid in these recent recordings. I like this recording because I like the movement of it. The bass plays more notes than I do on guitar. :-) I hope its worth your 2 and a half minutes. Thanks! BigBird mix13.mp3