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  1. Hello.

    Welcome KD, rock on!
  2. Have you considered a banjitar or do you think a regular banjo has superior tone?
  3. questions based on a music sheet

    not making sense to me. do you have a link to it?
  4. Jackie

    Welcome Jackie
  5. Hi!

    Welcome Larry
  6. Rookie

    Welcome Collin
  7. Old fender amps

    You lucky dog you
  8. Hello everyone

    Welcome kingtravel
  9. beautiful strap

    Warning heeded
  10. beautiful strap

    RB I bet it gives off vibes
  11. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    Shocked and saddened, rest In peace Eddie you're definitely missed.
  12. IM LEFT-HANDED and new

    Welcome Angus
  13. Halifax, Nova Scotia

    Welcome Shelly
  14. Hey Y'all

    Welcome Jim
  15. Begin the Beguine

    Hi Doug The title and write up are Tambourine Man but the video and tab is Begin the Beguine. The write up (Lesson Explained) for Begin the Beguine is missing in action Mr. Tambourine seems to be missing from the lesson list page so if anyone wants the video they'll have to go to youtube for now.
  16. Hello!

    Welcome Mike
  17. How'do Folks

    Pain dost sponsor creative expressions
  18. She caught the Katy 2

    If you download the guitar pro file, it has the tab, should be printable from there.
  19. How'do Folks

    Welcome back Paul.
  20. Hi

    Welcome Sharjam
  21. Welcome back slider
  22. Hello, I am new here

    Welcome AboveOcean
  23. Learn the guitar with FretX

    With tab you see what's coming, you can anticipate the changes. Very difficult to see changes with your hands in the way like. 335553 to 335353. I'm sure it has capabilities to vary the speed but not on the fly. You can't learn to play guitar in an hour.
  24. Learn the guitar with FretX

    Nope, it would be easier to use tab.