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  1. 214ce vs 310ce vs 110e

    Those prices are suspiciously low, what denomination are they? On the Taylor site, the list price for at 110ce is $749 usa.
  2. Hi, I'm new member!

    Welcome Alex ...wish I could sing
  3. Hello

    Welcome Anthony
  4. Survey for social media behaviour

    This survey is Site approved.
  5. How to delete PMs when full?

    Once in the inbox, you can delete them all at once using the gear icon or individually by putting a little check in the box and then using the garbage can symbol that appears, Mine appears in bottom centre of my screen.
  6. Don't grow up, it's a trap!

  7. Old timer

    Well Taka
  8. Hello from Canada

    Welcome Mark
  9. May as Well Buy This

    Did you?
  10. song doesn’t sound right

    Not sure, never heard of that before. Are you singing along with it?
  11. Hi

    Welcome Karen. #1 rule is have fun with it, enjoy.
  12. im back

    Welcome back Ronnie
  13. Left Pinky Blues and Handedness

    Switching hands is a viable option, forum member Carolm has experience with that. Another thing to do is try forming chords using a capo, it puts the fret bars closer together and therefore less of a stretch.
  14. Besides when I drink beer I don't care about my weight. And as an added bonus, after 2 or 3 all the ugly people leave.
  15. Cleaning your fretboard/fingerboard

    Is one of them white with a slight perm & two holes near the front?
  16. I'm always the last to know.
  17. What about beer rewards?
  18. Different take on starving musician.
  19. Hello Everyone

    Welcome Pete
  20. What are those points for?

    If you save up 500 you can get a free air guitar. Neutral point "the temperature at which the thermoelectric power of two metals is zero and which is midway between the temperature of the cold junction and the corresponding temperature of inversion." as per Merriam-Webster
  21. New to forum

    Welcome rizkin.
  22. Again. Where is 2018? I need help.

    This post, your post, is a new post. You already know what you think you don't know.
  23. New to forum

    You mean Keg.