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    You mean Keg.
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    Pecos County?
  3. What OS are you using?
  4. Free Beer for the Audience should help.
  5. 42 yo and just purchased first guitar.

    Welcome Juan, happy journey
  6. Faffed around for years then did it properly

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  9. Tendonitis in the fretting hand

    I wonder, if the doctors got a cut of the sales would they be more apt to match patients up with the ideal product?
  10. Deep River Blues

    I don't think they were themed Naked, probably just once in a blue moon some inebriated exhibitionist lost control with the feeling of freedom. Nice playing by the way.
  11. Deep River Blues

    Okay you can get away with not admitting to the naked partying due to the era of pre smart phones with cameras and video lol. My father worked in AECL for a short time and mentioned former US president Jimmy Carter was there shortly after the accident. (for the clean up) I don't recall ever being to Swisha but I heard if you could see over the top of the bar you could order a drink.
  12. Deep River Blues

    Deep River where the AECL Engineer's settled because it was up river from the plant. (think heavy water etc) Hey Doug can you confirm this? I was told the high school kids would party across the river on a sandy beach and stay the night. No neighbours over there, no roads, no law either = unpatrolled. (even rumours of running around naked) I know the below to be true. The Police Service that looks after the area are stationed in Campbell's Bay Quebec and that's an hour and 20 minutes away by road to Deep River (by leaving the Province of Quebec and driving in the Province of Ontario for about 50kms) It would have to be some sort of major crime before they would make that drive and then boat back into Quebec.
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