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  1. Well Ive been playing for about 3 months maybe 4 now. When I started I was practicing very much 3-4 hours a days sometimes even more when I could. After a while I started to notice every morning that my fret hand index finger joint would be sore and didnt want to bend all the way down like my opposite hand. Im only 25 yrs old so didnt think it could be anything health related. I definitely think its just from over use and my general doctor agreed. So I took a week off last week with the exception of a couple minutes messing around. And the pain went away but the stiffness was still there to an extent. I started thinking I might be fretting too hard? WHo knows but its mainly just the index finger. Any suggestions?> At this point I feel i need to quit until my finger resumes to normal, then start slowly. Sorry for the long rant. I want to be able to play a LOT but cant. And the pain isnt horrible just annoying. Im more upset about the actual stiffness of the joint and lack of flexibility. CHris