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  1. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    I've not forgotten this one - i'm still a bit stuck as far as transferring a mix to mp3 - the USB port on my old Boss is for file backup only....... I do have a rough idea recorded - Guitars, bass, vocals I just remembered I have a really old PC tower.....I should be able to hook that back up and hopefully I can do a line-in recording Paul.
  2. Man Without a Dog

    oh Aye I like it - the vocal has that 70s' Vocoder vibe to it - sounds to me that it's there as a tonal effect rather than a pitch correction requirement I've had a throat and ear infection for the last week or so - and these last couple of days I've had congestion and no hearing in just my left ear - it's surprising the affect this has had on day to day things, I struggled even driving my car - my thoughts go out to you Brother. I hope you find some source of inspiration to keep your Spirit fed. Paul.
  3. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    it seems the backing track I've posted is a wee bit messed up - i'm not sure how, but it is playing back slow and down in pitch the quality is messed up too i'll have to try and figure out how i can get a recording transferred from my 8-track - in the past I connected the line out from the 8-track to line in on my laptop, however my old laptop has a few issues and this is the result.....i'm posting here from a different laptop - and this one has no line in.....hmmm.....i'll need to have a wee think about this. Paul.
  4. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    I didn't Know Eddie personally, but I know he was truly one of a kind - the help and support he offered others is a rare trait. I remember speaking on chat one time and Eddie's Amusement at my Accent and pronunciation of his name - I can still hear him mimicking "Eddie" with a scots accent. I'm glad I got to meet Eddie on here and have some interaction - he'll be fondly remembered. rest in peace brother Edward Paul.
  5. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    oh Aye - we NEED a bit more of those collaborations I'm hoping that posting this collab in stages may entice some folks to have a bash even if it's just jamming or doing your own thing with the backing track everyone should feel free to do what they like with anything I post Paul.
  6. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    tweaked lyrics Main Part How can it be That after all these years the hard times we struggle through the sweat and the tears ONE look into each others eyes and it's easy to see I still LoVe you and you still LoVe me 1st Change I don’t know how - Never dreamed that this would last Never thought LoVe could survive THEY SAID the moment would pass - ( my first tweak had one too many syllables to fit ) THEY'LL SAY At first you think it’s love AND YOU'LL believe that when it starts But GIVEN TIME love changes And soon you'll drift apart 2nd Change I thought that Love WON'T EVER last I’d BEEN TOLD that EVERY time It’s been the same SAD STORY WITH THE SAME OLD LINE Main Part So How can it be That after all these years the TALES OF LOVE WE LISTEN TO the DOUBTS and the FEAR ONE look into each others eyes and it's easy to see I still LoVe you and you still LoVe me these lyrics will come and go pretty quickly when sung over this backing track - not always a bad thing - i'll see how the overall structure works out, it may be that this Song will be better with a few more lines added - or it may be lyrically short n sweet - the overall "story" or "question" in this song doesn't actually need more to be complete....in my mind plenty Space for Guitar licks tho Paul.
  7. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    How'do Carol I use EZdrummer for drum tracks - it's the best "drum machine" I've used - and I use with Reaper to create the backing track, then transfer to my 8 track...lol...not ideal, but it does the job for Guitar all that is required is a tuner that can be calibrated to a 432hz reference note - at the minute I have the Pitchlab app on my phone - for piano/keys parts I recalibrate by tuning down to -32 cents.....it sounds about right to me I don't recognise "My Name is Cliffhanger" must've been before my time yes........it would be great to get more folks involved on a recording like this tho i'll add a bass track to this next - i'll do one track at a time and post the progress - if anyone would like to add something or even just jam to a track feel free and if you'd like a Full backing from any stage I can upload on request Paul.
  8. I like your thinkin - I've been striving for this same feel myself the best Magic happens In the Moment - I miss Guitar, Bass and Drums all feeding each other in the moment and some of the Tones and Grooves that can be Generated Paul.
  9. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Here is a sample of the Piano and Drums Backing track I made no Guitars yet very simple chord progression - the main part is G sharp and B flat minor then 2 simple changes - 1st - C sharp, G sharp and B flat minor 2nd - F sharp and G sharp it should be easy enough to hear the progression and timing for the changes on this bare backing track if anyone fancies joining in or wants to jam with the backing track - I can upload a longer version - however, I don't record/play in concert pitch so you'd need to adjust accordingly - i'm tuned down from concert pitch -32cents or 432hz as opposed to 440hz ......it's just "Better" Paul. Collab 1 backin track.mp3
  10. My new Baby and other Goodies

    I do like that Guitar I've played through a few Peavey Bandit 112's In a Live Band set-up and can't say anything bad about them - Great Amps Paul..
  11. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    How'do folks Starting with Some Lyrics from Carol put forward for a Collab - i thought i'd start this as a thread and post as a progression How can it be That after all these years I look at you And I still love you I don’t know how - Never dreamed [that] this would last Always thought that love died Always did/had/has done in the past At first you think it’s love You believe that when it starts But love changes, then it/love dies One or [the] other, [and] then you part I thought that Love never lasts I’d learnt that over time It’s always been the same Time after time So how can it be That after all these years I look at you And I still love you this is a Good starting point for a song to me - there is enough of a "Feeling" in here to get "the Feel" - I'll make some word changes/tweaks/additions etc.. Mainly to fit the musical progression I have in mind - for this I do have a couple of tweaks that may slightly change the tone but still true to the original idea i'm sure Carol you know how I roll How can it be That after all these years the hard times we struggle through the sweat and the tears we look into each others eyes and it's easy to see I still LoVe you and you still LoVe me I don’t know how - Never dreamed that this would last Never thought LoVe could survive I was told the moment would pass this fits Good for me musically chords/melody/progression wise - and i'd like to imagine the story is an old couple who've been together forever and still In LoVe despite being told LoVe can never last if I can figure out some technical difficulties I'll post the bare backing track idea i have for this along with the chords Paul.
  12. How'do Rockerbob I don't like to do the comparison thing...lol....although I done it on a couple of posts the other night ... this has an Organic Jam session feel to it which is how I like my music the Blind Faith and Peter Green jam sessions I referred to are in my top 10 listening material - this has that "In the Moment" feel I hear on these sessions I had to mention it. Paul.
  13. How'do Folks

    lol..... I Read that as one song idea and was thinkin I may have to tweak a few bits for continuity Paul.
  14. How'do Folks

    Oh Aye Carol I can hear a wee tune wi' this one Paul.
  15. How'do Folks

    I like this as a start to a Song - I'll See What I Can Do, I'll Try To Look On The Bright Side If Possible I Know it's Nothing New, I'm Having One Of Those Days, Nothing Going Quite The Way I Want It To ? lol....I Could Work With that Vibe but Feel Free to Suggest - we best take it over to the Collab section tho Paul.