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  1. I've not even begun playing yet, but have been wanting to for a while and I've saved up a little money. Then I found out yesterday my grandmother has had "a guitar" (all the info I got at the time) in her cupboard for who knows how long. I went to pick it up today and to my surprise it was a small acoustic guitar, and the label on the inside said: Morena NewStyle No.9 I know nearly nothing about sorts of guitars, but it sounds Spanish, and It belonged to a sister of my mothers, so it's over 40 years old. It also has steel strings. Here's a photo: It's in pretty good condition and the strings seem fine. My question is, should I stick with this guitar, or start with a larger, nylon stringed one? I have pretty limited funds, so I'm stuck. It's not what I was expecting, but perhaps I could get used to it? Heh Thanks for any replies!