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    I'm lucky to be alive and still play the blues.

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  1. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again...THANKS Clancy .....I LOVE YOU EDDIE
  2. In memory of Eddie Zielinski

    OH WOW , I Loved Eddie, He was the most generous man ....He contacted me when his friend Steve was getting married and he flew my brother ,Jim, and I to San Francisco and we had only shared online on guitarforbeginners..he put us up in a hotel dinner the whole 9... He was the nicest man.... I loved playing with his music , He let me play on lots of songs but one in particular was so much fun. He played the keyboards did the drum track.....all of it...I just added a little guitar. Once I was skype with him and I was saying what a lousy voice I had ...and he sent me a 600 dollar vocalist processor... which was so much fun to have. I think he had a heart of gold... always wanting to help . I know the Angels in Heaven are welcoming him with great music which he loved so much....He could play .....and he had a great sense of humor. See you soon Eddie and we'll Jam again.. John