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  1. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    This is Greg Zielinski, Ed's son. Mark, Todd, Ursula, and I have received many kind words from many people from all avenues from my father's life. Thank you for supporting him in his later years when he could FINALLY take time for himself to do something he loved. He was a very hard working man and many of us had wished he could take it easy in his later years to enjoy life a little more. His relationships formed in his music was important and very meaningful to him. Thank you for your kind words. Rockerbob and Kirk's names were mentioned regularly Thank you for being a part of his life and making it that much more a happy life. http://symondsmadisonfuneralhome.com/edward-j-zielinski/ His childhood , Clinton IA - http://obituaries.clintonherald.com/story/edward-zielinski-1947-2017-981535451 Hometown Elgin, IL - http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/dailyherald/obituary.aspx?n=edward-j-zielinski&pid=186775669&fhid=30033 If you could please share links to any other forums that he may have participated in. I would love to express my thanks to anyone involved in his music.