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  1. Hi folks Just sharing a cover I'm working on. Would love to hear your thoughts (bass too soft, snares too sharp, etc) and ideas for improvements. Thanks in advance. PS. PLEASE excuse the "what the heck is that/no idea what I'm doing/sucky" lead break. Members familiar with Mustaine & Friedman would cringe
  2. BT TEST - LedZep's The Lemon Song

    The completed BT has been uploaded. Link* is at the 20sec mark in the video above. Have a go at it! * Me thinks its not a good idea to paste the link here else it'll show as another yoootube page :/ Oh! and check out the other BTs too (Cliff Richard's Devil Woman; The Wonders That Thing You Do; Sammy Hagars... etc)
  3. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    Sad to hear of Eddie's passing. RIP Eddie. You'll be missed. :
  4. Messing about with the Guitar Backing Track I'm working on. Gotta I iron out some kinks :/ In the meantime, enjoy this sucky 90sec cover.
  5. Out In The Fields (Cover)

    Thx man. I watched a vid of Gary Moore in concert playing this song in a 3-piece setup. Seems easy enough for me. So, I DL the MIDI file, took out the guitar parts, kept the bass & drums and used VSTi on the tracks, and added MORE VSTs to make them sound more 'real'. Bass is too pronounced tho. Nonetheless, fun project to do. Oh... and I did the same thing for the 'Angry Again' cover as well.
  6. How'do Folks

    Welcome back!
  7. Mad Father Goose does Megadeth's Angry Again. Alternate lyrics specially for my 'soon to be' former employers lols! Apologies for the bad singing & 'winged" leads. Average me
  8. Out In The Fields - A simple cover of Gary Moore's / Phil Lynott's song by your average bedroom wannabe guitar player. An SX LP copy was acquired dirt cheap and was testing it out. Dont mind the 'singing' ok? I cant sing and it sucks. I prefer to shout/scream for this song but I'm afraid the neighbours would complain. Had to tone it down a bit "Death Is Just A Heartbeat Awaaaaayyy" https://youtu.be/2dTivK8cj3E