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  1. Out In The Fields (Cover)

    Thx man. I watched a vid of Gary Moore in concert playing this song in a 3-piece setup. Seems easy enough for me. So, I DL the MIDI file, took out the guitar parts, kept the bass & drums and used VSTi on the tracks, and added MORE VSTs to make them sound more 'real'. Bass is too pronounced tho. Nonetheless, fun project to do. Oh... and I did the same thing for the 'Angry Again' cover as well.
  2. How'do Folks

    Welcome back!
  3. Sorry above link changed to https://youtu.be/EaPgHODD3zE
  4. Mad Father Goose does Megadeth's Angry Again. Alternate lyrics specially for my 'soon to be' former employers lols! Apologies for the bad singing & 'winged" leads. Average me
  5. Got me head banging here. Nice job. Love the tone (the 'clipping' sux tho) Is that a Line 6 Spider amp in the background?
  6. Are my expectations too high?

    An amplifier! Dont forget the amp
  7. Out In The Fields - A simple cover of Gary Moore's / Phil Lynott's song by your average bedroom wannabe guitar player. An SX LP copy was acquired dirt cheap and was testing it out. Dont mind the 'singing' ok? I cant sing and it sucks. I prefer to shout/scream for this song but I'm afraid the neighbours would complain. Had to tone it down a bit "Death Is Just A Heartbeat Awaaaaayyy" https://youtu.be/2dTivK8cj3E