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  1. Carol of the Bells

    I'm not sure why, but I felt an overwhelming urge to chime in here. There you go Keith: same old skills and fingers, and guess what? You can still record fantastic music!
  2. A little guitar boogie

    I agree with Mike - nicely done. You were really swinging...can you swing with a Boogie? Not sure. A toe-tapper maybe describes the feel that you nailed there.
  3. welcome me...

    Welcome fullerwhale - why that username? I'm just curious
  4. BT TEST - LedZep's The Lemon Song

    Good effort Goose!
  5. Guitar Bridge Lifted up

    Good luck with this - fingers crossed!
  6. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    That's great - really interesting how you built up the tracks, and now your second version with vocals is slightly different again. Great guitar playing by the way - sounds so effortless and melodic.
  7. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    I wouldn't dream of having a clue about any aspect of how you create your songs - just do what you think is best - always - it always works.
  8. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    To be clear: I didn't think there was anything 'wrong' with the vocals or delivery, although to be honest they were a wee bit difficult to hear in the mix Glad to see/hear you seem to have solved your recording set up problem.
  9. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Hi Paul: I was going to think up some excuse for missing the vocals version but... I've checked: no music/vocals on my version of this thread until your post above. Anyway: I'm impressed [as usual ] with what you've made out of the starting lyrics/ideas. I noticed you've added more lyrics at the end [I think] and mix/matched some lines together - sounds great! Nice licks too. I tried to sing along....that's a lot of words to get out at that speed! And your lungs must be a lot bigger/better/fitter than mine to get out so many lines together without spaces for a breath - had me gasping [probably doesn't take much ] Currently on my 6th listen on repeat..... Well done! BTW: did you see the other lyrics I posted earlier on the Collab thread [assuming you're thinking of this one as 'finished']. They're a bit weird but like so many things - they seemed to be a good idea at the time.
  10. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Nice clean engine - must make your Mum proud!
  11. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Hey Paul: I was keeping the faith...but did wonder if your old clunker had reclaimed you for a while [I also have an old-ish clunker, so no offense meant]. You always used to be able to transfer recordings from your Boss 8 to computer - what changed? What format is your Boss 8 recording's file? There are apps that convert file types to mp3: Handbrake is one I've used, and Switch is another I've used. Would it help if you sent me the Boss 8 recording and I tried to convert it to mp3 - I'm not a geek so if all this is rubbish, please ignore.
  12. Isn't She Lovely Fingerstyle Lesson

    Yes, great lesson! Well explained and easy to follow...not so easy to play but it's something to work on
  13. Rookie

    Welcome Rookie, what kind of music/songs do you like to play?
  14. Very nice playing - I'm not sure what name to call you Does this guitar piece have a name or did you compose it yourself?
  15. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Bad luck with the old laptop, I know how it feels. Doesn't your 8 track have a USB--computer connection? I'm sure you'll work something out.
  16. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    I'm finding this hard to believe! What a shock. Eddie was a very special member here: he recorded backing tracks for 2 of my songs, he played, sang and recorded several of my songwriting efforts, and made one into a video, as in The Official Video as you see on Youtube for recording artists, and he was always helpful in replying to any questions I had about music. Once when I was trying to work out and play a couple of chords for a song, we had a 3 way hookup across 3 continents via the webchat facility we used to have here at GFB. There was me, Jomi and Eddie in front of our monitors with our guitars. Eddie was sitting in his 'office' in his factory, with his screens and recording gear set up there, and with 'his girls' coming and going behind him as they were working. He was always very generous with his time and his knowledge. I also don't think he was old enough to be 'of an age' when you expect that he might day. As I say...I'm having trouble getting my head around this news. Yes, he will be sorely missed here at GFB. I hope his family are receiving support as they deal with this difficult time. Let's hope he does indeed rest in peace.
  17. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    It's looking good to me, Paul. I've spent most of the day searching GFB for the Cliff Hanger Collab thread, and failed. Which is a pity because it went on for weeks, and I think about 7 or 8 members contributed. I wrote the lyrics [humourous], X$stringDrive did the vocals, separate members did blues harp, bass, rhythm, drums, and I think 3 or 4 members added solos. The song was mixed by a member, probably kidhaiti. I've tried to search for kidhaiti's content (to find the thread but search result is 'nothing found'. There used to be a data base of Members you could search but couldn't find it anywhere. I have the final mix saved on my computer and it's titled Cliff Hanger Blues Final Mix - kidhaiti dated 27th July 2009. So I posted it as a demo of what a collab of several members can be: kidhaiti - cliff hanger's blues final mix.mp3
  18. IM LEFT-HANDED and new

    Hi Angus, are you planning to get a left handed guitar and play as a lefty??
  19. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    I dunno, I go away for the weekend, and find you've been beavering away over there all weekend! Excellent start. You know, as usual, that I don't mind the tweaks etc - the lyrics are always a starting point [hopefully] that can be bent, twisted...whatever to fit any musical ideas anyone can come up with. Have you got a drum kit now? Which I doubt but how, and using what, did you make such a complicated drum track? And... you are just going to have to explain how you tune down 32 cents if you don't want to lose your 'audience'. Is that a semitone? Or something else? I know I could just pick up a guitar and work it out, but...but...it's easier to ask! Great idea for others to join in...were you a member here whan we did the My Name is Cliff Hanger collab, or was that before your time? We had about 8 different members playing different instruments, tracks and solos etc
  20. How'do Folks

    I've just noticed that I didn't tell you about some lyrics I've written based on your song suggestion above. I posted it in Collabs: Collab Ideas. Plus another one I wrote on the weekend from an idea I had after reading a story in the newspaper, with a reference to an incident in your own past included.... I posted the 2 new song ideas in the Collabs Forum - they're probably better than these ones, at least they're original/ different. Probably should have given them a title so we know what we're talking about...[would make a change for me, at least] so maybe I/we can add titles depending on/if you [or anyone] can find some songs from those ideas. As usual, any switching, changing, adding, deleting is fine by me.
  21. Coillab Ideas

    Happy to say that Paul (Sheraton) is back on the GFB bus, and is willing to give more collaborations a go. I posted some rather ordinary ideas over at Sheraton's 'How Do Folks' post but he gave me an idea and I've come up with something that is at least different...plus another one that's a bit weird but definitely 'original' The 'usual' applies: everyone's encouraged to contribute, change, delete, add, switch around etc whatever works for you if you can fit some of the lines or ideas into a song. Song 1 Practicing mindlessness all day Poured coffee on my Wheaties Lost my keys, put on odd socks Bought some sweeties that were freebies Tripped over in the park Dropped my wallet down a drain Couldn’t find my way back home And then forgot my name Well here we finally go then People finally changing their minds That’s OK if you know where your mind is All my friends are being kind Yesterday, I sang at a gig I guess I had a great time Started singing into a bottle Then forgot the end of a line I try to look on the bright side I know that’s nothing new I’m having one of those days again Nothing going the way it should do I wish I was back where I came from But who knows where that might be Practicing mindlessness didn’t work out (for me) Found mindlessness practicing me Song 2 Paparazzi jumped my wall today Took photos of me in the garden (So I) Hid my face with a spade No Excuse-me, no beg(ging) your pardon The weather was growing hotter The faces became more familiar Do I look like some kind of pin-up boy? We don’t care, we just want to sell ya’ Found myself in a snow drift Built an ice cave to hide for a while It melted - I then caught pneumonia Overall I had a good time The dreams of poets contain beauty But sadly I don’t have that gift We’re all so small in the universe So we sing [songs] and hide in snow-drifts
  22. Coillab Ideas

    Hey Doug, thanks, glad to see you dropping my at GFB. Hint: Feel free to try to put some of these ideas/lines into a song...
  23. Josh Turner - amazing talent

    Beautiful playing - and then he sings! And so young - makes you sick, doesn't it Thanks for posting
  24. How'do Folks

    Good idea, meanwhile, I've started scribbling rubbish again. First rule of suggesting rubbish: at least give plenty of choice, You'll probably say it's not rubbish, but it's really very 'ordinary' and cliched: nothing original, no metaphor or anything of much interest, but they are lines that rhyme, and I know you can turn anything into music. If anyone wants to have a go to turn anything into music, go for it. Also if you want to change, switch around, or do anything with the lines, feel free. Even better, have a go at writing some lyrics yourself [I've set a really low bar] and Paul will probably be able to turn them into a song. Song 1 How can it be That after all these years I look at you And I still love you I don’t know how - Never dreamed [that] this would last Always thought that love died Always did/had/has done in the past At first you think it’s love You believe that when it starts But love changes, then it/love dies One or [the] other, [and] then you part I thought that Love never lasts I’d learnt that over time It’s always been the same Time after time So how can it be That after all these years I look at you And I still love you Song 2 It’s 3 in the morning And I don’t know what to do Should I go, should I stay Do you ever think of me too You always have your reasons Staying late with [all] your friends Don’t think I ever really believed you Is this how our love [affair] ends Should I go or should I stay Everyone loses, every which way This way yes, that way no Everyone loses, whichever {the] way [Now] it’s 4 in the morning Still don't know what I should do/not knowing what to do Should I go or should I stay Do you ever think of me too Song 3 I remember that day We were waiting for a train We glanced at each other Never thought I’d see you again But night after night Day after day I was haunted by your memory Would I ever see you again Then one day, there you were/you were there Right in front of my eyes You were standing right in front of me It was a wonderful surprise You said, Lets go get a coffee I said Yes and didn’t care I’d be late but that didn’t matter My wish came true, if only I dared Hmmm… repeat first verse? Bit of a cop-out, but anyway, I’m all out of ideas/lines I have an idea for your song suggestion watch this space...
  25. How'do Folks

    I'll see what I can do - bright side if poss, otherwise dark, or whatever. I've been busy today trying to sort out computer troubles so maybe come up with something in a couple of days