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  1. Carol of the Bells

    I'm not sure why, but I felt an overwhelming urge to chime in here. There you go Keith: same old skills and fingers, and guess what? You can still record fantastic music!
  2. A little guitar boogie

    I agree with Mike - nicely done. You were really swinging...can you swing with a Boogie? Not sure. A toe-tapper maybe describes the feel that you nailed there.
  3. welcome me...

    Welcome fullerwhale - why that username? I'm just curious
  4. BT TEST - LedZep's The Lemon Song

    Good effort Goose!
  5. Guitar Bridge Lifted up

    Good luck with this - fingers crossed!
  6. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    That's great - really interesting how you built up the tracks, and now your second version with vocals is slightly different again. Great guitar playing by the way - sounds so effortless and melodic.
  7. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    I wouldn't dream of having a clue about any aspect of how you create your songs - just do what you think is best - always - it always works.
  8. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    To be clear: I didn't think there was anything 'wrong' with the vocals or delivery, although to be honest they were a wee bit difficult to hear in the mix Glad to see/hear you seem to have solved your recording set up problem.
  9. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Hi Paul: I was going to think up some excuse for missing the vocals version but... I've checked: no music/vocals on my version of this thread until your post above. Anyway: I'm impressed [as usual ] with what you've made out of the starting lyrics/ideas. I noticed you've added more lyrics at the end [I think] and mix/matched some lines together - sounds great! Nice licks too. I tried to sing along....that's a lot of words to get out at that speed! And your lungs must be a lot bigger/better/fitter than mine to get out so many lines together without spaces for a breath - had me gasping [probably doesn't take much ] Currently on my 6th listen on repeat..... Well done! BTW: did you see the other lyrics I posted earlier on the Collab thread [assuming you're thinking of this one as 'finished']. They're a bit weird but like so many things - they seemed to be a good idea at the time.
  10. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Nice clean engine - must make your Mum proud!
  11. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Hey Paul: I was keeping the faith...but did wonder if your old clunker had reclaimed you for a while [I also have an old-ish clunker, so no offense meant]. You always used to be able to transfer recordings from your Boss 8 to computer - what changed? What format is your Boss 8 recording's file? There are apps that convert file types to mp3: Handbrake is one I've used, and Switch is another I've used. Would it help if you sent me the Boss 8 recording and I tried to convert it to mp3 - I'm not a geek so if all this is rubbish, please ignore.