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  1. How'do Folks

    Hey 6! That sounds like the first line of a song - you're on your way.
  2. How'do Folks

    Ok I'll see what I can come up with: I remember you're not keen on dark, so I'll try, but I think I am naturally dark, and aren't 'the best' songs a bit dark? [Stands back from computer to avoid incoming missiles]. Also, any other members who want to have a go at writing some lyrics for Paul, you should give it a go - he's very talented at turning any old rubbish into great music, so you might find you can join a Collab and help to create a song - which is great fun.
  3. How'do Folks

    Hey Paul! I saw 'How'do Folks' in my inbox & thought: could that be Sheraton? And it was! Welcome back. Glad to see you've still got the Sheraton. Are you up for a collab? I'm a bit rusty in the lyrics department but I'm sure I could come up with something. Any ideas? Sad news about Daktari - shocking really, at age 52.
  4. Hi

    Welcome Sharjam
  5. Hello

    Welcome anienham. Callouses are what shows you are a guitarist - wear them with pride!
  6. Hello, I am new here

    Welcome Above Ocean. There's plenty to learn here.
  7. Hi Slider, sliders always extra welcome, especially with Kirk!
  8. Very nice playing but the sound quality was not good. What did you record with?
  9. Which amp should I buy?

    No replies yet so I'll give it a go - I am not an expert, although many others here are. What I would consider is 1. How much power (Amps) do you want or need: a. If you practice at home, how loud can you play (without earphones) before disturbing others? b. Do you think you will ever want to perform outside your home - you might need a more powerful amp for that 2. If you want to play at home, do you need to have an earphone jack on the amp? 3. How important is having a broad selection of different voices, apart from distortion and clean? 4. How big and/or heavy/portable should your ideal amp be? Sorry I can't be of more help, but other members will come along soon, who are more expert than me!