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  1. Hello from Canada

    Hi Mark, perseverance always pays off. Welcome
  2. Hi glober, you have come to the right place! If you click on the Lessons tab at the top of the pages, you will see lists of all the lessons. However click again on the menu at the top of that page for videos and text on The Guitar, What is Music, Chords and Playing. IF you work through them you will get a good grounding in music and guitar playing. Also Kirk's DVD and book called Plane Talk is useful for getting to 'see' the fretboard in ways that make it easier to visualize the layout of the fretboard for playing and improvising. That will get you started. Welcome to the Forum.
  3. Here's how Stanford Thomson became a professional musician: when he was growing up, he wasn't allowed to eat on days he didn't practice. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/why-learning-to-play-music-helps-kids-learn-everything-else-better Just saying
  4. OK if you're not overweight, but [ahem] beer is fattening [beer gut] - hasn't anyone told you?
  5. Your daughter is a lucky girl - very nice composition and playing.
  6. Hello Everyone

    Hi Pete, Welcome.
  7. Deep River Blues

    I've just caught up with this. Great playing Doug. I love those old-timey picking patterns/rhythms/tunes.
  8. That's true Windsong. It's easy for the day to pass while you're busy with other things & then it's time for bed. Another tip is to have your guitar on your lap as you watch TV, and practice whatever you are working on during the ads. The biggest motivator for beginners is to pay a teacher every week for a lesson: it definitely focuses the mind Welcome to the forum Over40
  9. Autumn Leaves tutorial in Bm

    Wow! What a masterclass, Doug. Thanks for posting. [Note to self: buy new strings today and start learning this on my nylon string guitar.]
  10. Carol of the Bells

    I'm not sure why, but I felt an overwhelming urge to chime in here. There you go Keith: same old skills and fingers, and guess what? You can still record fantastic music!
  11. A little guitar boogie

    I agree with Mike - nicely done. You were really swinging...can you swing with a Boogie? Not sure. A toe-tapper maybe describes the feel that you nailed there.
  12. welcome me...

    Welcome fullerwhale - why that username? I'm just curious