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  1. Carol of the Bells

    I'm not sure why, but I felt an overwhelming urge to chime in here. There you go Keith: same old skills and fingers, and guess what? You can still record fantastic music!
  2. A little guitar boogie

    I agree with Mike - nicely done. You were really swinging...can you swing with a Boogie? Not sure. A toe-tapper maybe describes the feel that you nailed there.
  3. welcome me...

    Welcome fullerwhale - why that username? I'm just curious
  4. BT TEST - LedZep's The Lemon Song

    Good effort Goose!
  5. Guitar Bridge Lifted up

    Good luck with this - fingers crossed!
  6. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    That's great - really interesting how you built up the tracks, and now your second version with vocals is slightly different again. Great guitar playing by the way - sounds so effortless and melodic.
  7. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    I wouldn't dream of having a clue about any aspect of how you create your songs - just do what you think is best - always - it always works.
  8. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    To be clear: I didn't think there was anything 'wrong' with the vocals or delivery, although to be honest they were a wee bit difficult to hear in the mix Glad to see/hear you seem to have solved your recording set up problem.
  9. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Hi Paul: I was going to think up some excuse for missing the vocals version but... I've checked: no music/vocals on my version of this thread until your post above. Anyway: I'm impressed [as usual ] with what you've made out of the starting lyrics/ideas. I noticed you've added more lyrics at the end [I think] and mix/matched some lines together - sounds great! Nice licks too. I tried to sing along....that's a lot of words to get out at that speed! And your lungs must be a lot bigger/better/fitter than mine to get out so many lines together without spaces for a breath - had me gasping [probably doesn't take much ] Currently on my 6th listen on repeat..... Well done! BTW: did you see the other lyrics I posted earlier on the Collab thread [assuming you're thinking of this one as 'finished']. They're a bit weird but like so many things - they seemed to be a good idea at the time.
  10. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Nice clean engine - must make your Mum proud!
  11. Collab 1 wi' Carol

    Hey Paul: I was keeping the faith...but did wonder if your old clunker had reclaimed you for a while [I also have an old-ish clunker, so no offense meant]. You always used to be able to transfer recordings from your Boss 8 to computer - what changed? What format is your Boss 8 recording's file? There are apps that convert file types to mp3: Handbrake is one I've used, and Switch is another I've used. Would it help if you sent me the Boss 8 recording and I tried to convert it to mp3 - I'm not a geek so if all this is rubbish, please ignore.
  12. Isn't She Lovely Fingerstyle Lesson

    Yes, great lesson! Well explained and easy to follow...not so easy to play but it's something to work on
  13. Rookie

    Welcome Rookie, what kind of music/songs do you like to play?