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  1. Tuning

    Standard tuning is EADGBE, from bass to treble. There are many open tunings. The idea is to tune the open strings to a chord, usually a major chord, so that when you strum through the open strings (not fretted) the result is a chord. Common open tunings are open D, open G, E.
  2. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    A long time member and supporter of this site, and dear friend of mine, Eddie Zielinksi, has passed away. He had recently undergone heart surgery and died from complications. I Skyped him not long ago -- we often Skyped -- and he seemed to think he'd pulled through the ordeal, but he hadn't. He was very smart, very funny, very musical and very generous man and will be sorely missed. I have just returned from a 14 hour non-stop flight from Canada and need sleep, but I will write more about Edward tomorrow, when I come to.