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  1. im back

    Hi Ronnie. Nice to hear from you again. Congratulations on your success with your artwork.
  2. I answered this in your other thread texred.
  3. Wouldn't load for me for some reason.
  4. Newbie needs HELP with PlaneTalk

    Here's the link to the PlaneTalkers' Forum Jackson - https://www.planetalkguitar.com/forum/
  5. My Dad's House

    Always loved that song of yours RB. Nice to hear it again. Is that where you grew up?
  6. I added in a very minor feature which was missing from the recent update which bugged me. You can now once again reply to Status Updates directly from the forum home page. I know in the grand scheme of things, this doesn't mean much but I thought since the forum seems to be a little busier lately, I'd add it back in for anyone who noticed it was missing.
  7. Anyone using it? Or looked into it? It looks like a pretty neat way of selling your music through iTunes (and a few other online outlets) - it's not free to set up, but it's very reasonable. I thought it might interest some members here who have finished songs (or whole albums) - Jomi, Rockerbob, Lcjones or anyone else - this wouldn't be a bad way to easily allow other members here to buy your music. No duplicating or sending out of CD's required. No hassling around with merchant accounts or online payment systems, Tunecore pay you directly either straight into your PayPal account or by cheque. This is the site TuneCore: Welcome Clancy