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  1. Classical Influenced Improvisation

    Sadly, my hearing is too screwed up to decipher your recordings. My ears are always bad, but certain frequencies are just gone. I believe your recording is sitting in my deaf spots. I tried
  2. Pickup Repair

    My son is the real grammar police. He also has majors in mathematics, psychology, and biology. I can't make as many mistakes as I used to. I get called out - all in good nature, and like you, its good to know the rules so you can break them properly.
  3. Fender Cd-60 opinions

    I look like an idiot so much that I don't notice it anymore.
  4. Pickup Repair

    I was providing an example of the correct spellings for lose and loose.
  5. Pickup Repair

    it sounds like there is a short to ground on the bridge pickup. If the neck pickup doesn't continue work in the middle, the bridge pickup's wiring is where I'd look first. Working through the holes and then getting them back in place without causing another short is very difficult. You don't want anything as big as a soldering gun. A small soldering iron made for electronics is better. As a beginner at this type of work, you stand a better chance of making all the settings dead. Grammar Police (English is one of my son's majors at university): "Did you lose some weight? Your pants look loose." This is one of the most common misspellings.
  6. Fender Cd-60 opinions

    Disclaimer: I'm an irascible curmudgeon and I'm getting old and tired. I've been a student of guitar for 50 years and have owned hundreds of guitars over the years. I think the most I had at once was 25 fairly high end guitars. I've played a thousand guitars in the years I spent working as the guitar repair guy at local stores with huge inventories of guitars. Yes, I have become a guitar snob. I don't much like inexpensive guitars any more. I'm spoiled. I've had to sell off all but 6 of my collection, but I kept the best 6. I don't buy clothes, my newest shoes are 10 years old, my car is old enough to drink, my computer is an early 2009 Mac Pro, our flooring is all old and needs replacement, I let guitar strings get much older than I'd like before changing them; but these last 6 guitars I will defend against all risks. I can't give advice on an inexpensive guitar just by make and model. Some high end makers can be trusted to make all their guitars good, but lower priced instruments vary widely in many aspects of what makes a guitar "good." I can say, with some amount of certainty, that inexpensive guitars are usually mediocre at best, and down right unplayable at worst. I know it seems outrageous, but the cases for good guitars are more than $199. You really need to try guitars before you buy them. At least bring a friend that knows something about guitars. A gem could be hiding in a sea of mediocrity. I always try before I buy. I will order strings, electronics, cables and accessories online, but I have never bought a guitar I didn't play first - and I have owned many guitars. Even with high end guitars that all sound good, not all guitars speak to me. I drove 3 hours each way to play a couple Tom Anderson (electric) guitars. They were fabulous and I bought one on the spot. The feel is important to me, not just the action. The "feel" is nebulous, therefore hard to describe, but you know it when you find the one for you. Its like sex, except your guitar doesn't care if you play other guitars. At the beginning, the feel is more important than the tone. Learn to play, then worry about tone later. My budget is much tighter now, and I wouldn't be able to buy the guitars I have. I sold off all but 6 and raised over $50,000. I didn't sell any for less than I paid them for. Guitars can be a good investment if you own them for 20-30 years.
  7. printing out tab

    I would first suspect the application from which you are printing. TAB is available as a text file, or PDF, or graphic image, or other formats. You might need to find another application you can print from. If you can see the whole tab on your screen, take a screenshot and then print the image of the screenshot just like it was any graphic image. If you are trying to print from a proprietary application, all bets are off. In that case I would see if the tab app can export as a standard file type; like a text file. Then print that output file. These are just a few issues, among many, that can lead to printing problems. Before you start to troubleshoot, make sure other things are printing properly. I hate to waste time looking in the wrong direction for a solution to a problem. Sadly, it happens all the time. See if you can send me a private message with the problem file as an attachment. There's about a 90% chance I will be able to convert it to another format that will print correctly.
  8. Checking in!

    Maybe not choke them to death, but perhaps bludgeon them about the head and shoulders.
  9. Checking in!

    "It is what it is," is one of my pet peeves. It implies nothing can change, and that I can't do anything to bring about change. I first heard it from the mouths of sales reps I worked with years ago. Most of them were totally full of shit, all the time, every word. Now when people tell me "it is what it is," I put the blame on them for not having the guts to address a problem. Then I make fun of the stupidity of their assertion and call into question the lack of depth in their mental acumen. I really want to choke them to death, and that would be wrong, but it is what it is.
  10. Checking in!

    I'm not an expert at anything, but I have experience in many things. I have been a Beatles fan for 50 years, but that endows no special expertise. I'm an irascible curmudgeon, cranky about everything. Then, I lost half my hearing and my ability to discern pitch accurately. In about half an hour I'm going into get yet another steroid shot in my ears. That's a joy I can't describe. I don't hear worth a damn and hearing aids suck. After that I got extremely cranky. For about the past 5-6 years, I write and record music without really hearing it properly. As they say on Tralfamadore, "So it goes."