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  1. I'm 21, with 40 years experience.
  2. New to forum

    I use a dictionary to check myself before making a fool of myself. I still make a fool of myself, but at least I do it properly.
  3. Use the "Quote" button to reply.
  4. New to forum

    I think you were looking for the word "astrophile." I'm sorry, but one of my son's majors is English. I can't help it. He's like the grammar and punctuation police. My vocabulary has improved. My punctuation has improved. I can learn the English stuff, but his Math stuff is understood by few. I can't do this proof, so I have to take my son's word for it. I have to learn new vocabulary daily over the dinner table, along with math, biology, psychology, chemistry, and astrophysics. Sometimes we talk about the food. :-)
  5. In a short while, if you stick with it, you will start to play well enough to make yourself happy. A short while is 6-12 months. You might progress faster or slower, but if you are persistent you will learn. ******* This is very important Make sure the guitar has the lowest action possible without an over amount of buzzing. Get a professional to do this for you. Bad action on cheap guitars is a large part of why people give up. I've been learning to play for over 50 years and I can't play a guitar with significantly high action. The nut slots are often too high. That makes playing on the first few frets hard. This has been a public service announcement ******* Stick with it. Ask questions. The only stupid questions are the questions not asked. Take a look at Kirk's guitar lessons. He has posted a lot of free lessons, but he does charge for lessons that are more diverse and complex.
  6. Thanks for listening to some of my music. Yes, it is down to style and taste. If you're lucky you will find an audience that likes what you play, but I have discovered its not always easy to find an audience.
  7. Dec 9 Blues Jam

    I don't know about great, but maybe best in my neighborhood. I love to play. I play bass fairly well, but this is my collaborator, Carl. He is a better bass player. I program drums.
  8. Been there, done that. I have had many effects units from the past 45 years. As I got older I slowly quit using effects except some tube amp overdrive. Every once in a while I'll use echo, but never more than one repeat, and in time with the song tempo. I have old, all tube, Fender and Ampeg amps. In the studio I can also use 2 guitar processors with every effect I've ever wanted, and then some. I also quit using too much reverb on vocals. Weaning myself off too much effects was a slow process.
  9. Well, I don't hear well anymore, but what I heard sounded like you were playing effects instead of guitar. I have a hard time identifying pitches and all the effects had the effect of masking any melody or scales. My feedback would be to make your guitar the focus instead of effects. And keep playing and recording.
  10. Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Thanks! Yeah, pinch harmonics and every other thing I know how to play. I still can hear well enough to play guitar - if I know the chord progression, but I'm at -55dB and -110 is considered totally deaf. Normal is 0. Still, I'm most likely the best guitar player on my block. I can give lots of credit to my Tom Anderson guitar. It plays itself and picks the right note. Its magic!
  11. Notice! Time Travelers meeting. Last Thursday at 2:30 PM.
  12. 42 yo and just purchased first guitar.

    Hey! When did we start letting kids in here? On a more serious note, welcome.
  13. electric guitar noise problem

    The noise could be coming from a number of different places. Stratocasters usually have single coil, non-humbucker, pickups. Its what I use most of the time, but noise can be an issue. Your adaptor to go from guitar to computer input certainly is an impedance and dB mismatch, so noise eventuates (happens or occurs - One of my son's 4 majors is English. My vocabulary and grammar have improved). Don't use dimmers near the guitar. Don't use florescent lights near the guitar. Don't get the guitar too close to anything that has electricity in it or through it. The flow of electrons generates a magnetic field (EMF) that can be picked up as noise. Be sure the guitar's volume is all the way up. Best case scenario is to be able to have the computer's input gain turned way down and still get enough output to get the record level meters near the top. Leaving the volume on the guitar wide open provides the best signal to noise ratio. Perhaps a better shielded guitar cable. This one is weird, but it is a real thing. Stand up with the guitar on and the noise buzzing away. Slowly turn one way or the other. You will find compass directions that have more or less noise depending on phase or polarity of the noise and about a million other things, but changing your compass direction almost always shows directions with more noise and directions with less noise. If you are in an old house with old wiring you might not be able to control the noise. You can shield the control compartment by lining it with copper foil connected to ground. I have done it on many electric guitars back 40 years ago when I repaired guitars for a living. An external instrument or mic preamp that connects via USB to the computer would likely have substantially less noise. There are many things it could be. These are a few common ones off the top of my head.
  14. Practice Routine Suggestions

    I never had a practice routine. Some would say it shows in my playing, but I learned what I wanted to learn. My thought is that any time spent playing the instrument will bring improvement. I'm sure its not 100% that improve, but I believe most people would improve. It worked for me. Work on, or just play, whatever you want. I think you will grow as a player. I will admit that I don't read music. I can slowly fight my way through tab. If you want to learn to read music you might need more structure than I ever gave myself. The closest I ever get to structured practice is becoming manic about a song or a lick and playing nothing else until I get it. I'm a bit crazed anyway, so the behavior fits the pattern. I learned to play over a long period of time. More structure might lessen that time. I do appreciate those who can read music, but I don't want enough structure and notation to hurt my playing. :-)
  15. New to forum

    Welcome. Another year is good. I tend to think of the time I've been learning guitar in terms of decades. :-)
  16. First time post

  17. Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Thank you! I still try my best.
  18. Deep River Blues

    Great job! I had to crank the volume, but that's a natural state for me these days. Reminds me of Doc Watson.
  19. Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Thanks, Doug! The fact is, I can't tell for sure what the mix sounds like. Yeah, I was thinking "Dickens." I'm very cultured and well read - not! Although I have read some Dickens. One of my son's majors is English. Last semester he studied the American and the English novel. My grammar is improving. But really its an anagram of Digital Drums. I work hard to fool drummers with my drum programming. I've been doing it since dirt was young.
  20. Beginner Question on 7 String Guitar

    Get a 6 string to learn on. Learning basic chord shapes is all about having 6 strings. I would go a step farther and say learn on an acoustic 6 string guitar. Electric guitar effects can make poor playing sound better in some cases. With an acoustic guitar you make all the sounds with your strings and fingers. Nothing but pure acoustic sound. Get that right and electric will come easier. I've been playing guitar for 50 years and I still have no desire to own a 7 string guitar. I have owned many electric guitars and play both electric and acoustic daily. They are not the same thing. Close, but not the same. The root of all guitar is indubitably acoustic. And seven strings is one too many. All in my opinion, but my opinion is right. :-)
  21. Carol of the Bells

    Thanks! Its the singing that has suffer most.
  22. Bells on acoustic guitar. http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/Carol of the Bells mix1.mp3
  23. Here's one of my favorite covers. Merry Christmas. http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/WomensUnderwear_mix1.mp3
  24. Another cover of a "Twisted Christmas" song. http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/WhiteTrashChristmas_mix2.mp3