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  1. Practice Routine Suggestions

    I never had a practice routine. Some would say it shows in my playing, but I learned what I wanted to learn. My thought is that any time spent playing the instrument will bring improvement. I'm sure its not 100% that improve, but I believe most people would improve. It worked for me. Work on, or just play, whatever you want. I think you will grow as a player. I will admit that I don't read music. I can slowly fight my way through tab. If you want to learn to read music you might need more structure than I ever gave myself. The closest I ever get to structured practice is becoming manic about a song or a lick and playing nothing else until I get it. I'm a bit crazed anyway, so the behavior fits the pattern. I learned to play over a long period of time. More structure might lessen that time. I do appreciate those who can read music, but I don't want enough structure and notation to hurt my playing. :-)
  2. New to forum

    Welcome. Another year is good. I tend to think of the time I've been learning guitar in terms of decades. :-)
  3. First time post

  4. On December 9th Carl and I had a jam session and recorded it. Carl plays bass, I play guitar, and a guest, Dismal Turgid, on drums. We played it through a couple times and then picked our favorite. This is also my mix, without Carl helping. I don't hear low frequencies well at all. But, I gave it my best shot as a mix. Its a fairly easy mix. Just drums, bass, and guitar. Let me know what you think of my half deaf jamming and mixing. Its different now that I can't hear well. http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/BluesJam Dec 9 2017 mix2.mp3
  5. Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Thank you! I still try my best.
  6. Deep River Blues

    Great job! I had to crank the volume, but that's a natural state for me these days. Reminds me of Doc Watson.
  7. Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Thanks, Doug! The fact is, I can't tell for sure what the mix sounds like. Yeah, I was thinking "Dickens." I'm very cultured and well read - not! Although I have read some Dickens. One of my son's majors is English. Last semester he studied the American and the English novel. My grammar is improving. But really its an anagram of Digital Drums. I work hard to fool drummers with my drum programming. I've been doing it since dirt was young.
  8. Beginner Question on 7 String Guitar

    Get a 6 string to learn on. Learning basic chord shapes is all about having 6 strings. I would go a step farther and say learn on an acoustic 6 string guitar. Electric guitar effects can make poor playing sound better in some cases. With an acoustic guitar you make all the sounds with your strings and fingers. Nothing but pure acoustic sound. Get that right and electric will come easier. I've been playing guitar for 50 years and I still have no desire to own a 7 string guitar. I have owned many electric guitars and play both electric and acoustic daily. They are not the same thing. Close, but not the same. The root of all guitar is indubitably acoustic. And seven strings is one too many. All in my opinion, but my opinion is right. :-)
  9. Carol of the Bells

    Thanks! Its the singing that has suffer most.
  10. Bells on acoustic guitar. http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/Carol of the Bells mix1.mp3
  11. Here's one of my favorite covers. Merry Christmas. http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/WomensUnderwear_mix1.mp3
  12. Another cover of a "Twisted Christmas" song. http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/WhiteTrashChristmas_mix2.mp3
  13. This my cover of a Bob Rivers Twisted Christmas tune. I had to bring in my horn section. http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/RestroomDoorSaid Gentlemen1.mp3
  14. I went back and looked. This is a plain vanilla mp3 audio file. You could try right clicking and save it to local media. It might work better, or at all.
  15. I was loaded when I posted. That could be the problem. It could also be the video compressor I'm now using, but don't know very well. I can't get anything out of it except .mov. I find .mp4 to be more universally compatible.
  16. Electric Guitars

    Getting a custom hand crafted guitar can be a great thing, or a big disappointment. I do have a comment on your friend making "perfect" guitars. I have a bit of experience with guitars and due to the basic design of a guitar, it can never be perfect. I have a few in the $5000 range that approach perfect, but that's about as good as it gets. Approaching perfect perhaps, but the laws of physics make a perfect guitar impossible. This is true for most instruments, not just guitars. How much does your friend charge to make a guitar? If they approach perfect and are less than $5K, I might want one.
  17. Christmas music. This is my arrangement of "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear." I played it in DADGAD tuning. Merry Christmas http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/Midnight Clear_newmaster1.mp3
  18. Midnight Clear

    Its from a few years ago. I would have to run through it many times to play it well now.
  19. Here is a tune for Christmas. I recorded this almost 10 years ago. Its a beautiful melody. The words are a little weird. Silent Night_newmaster2.mp3
  20. Silent Night

    Thanks. I try.
  21. Midnight Clear

    Thank you!
  22. Silent Night

    Not being a religious person I find religious lyrics to be strange enough.
  23. Two questions on tabs

    I always play with a flatpick. I use what is called hybrid style.
  24. Silent Night

    Thanks. I can't hear so emotion is all that's left.