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  1. Welcome. There are many old fart guitar players here, myself included. Fifty seems young, and I'm only 61. There are good lessons here. Many of them are free.
  2. Hello Everyone

    Greetings and felicitations!
  3. strap locks

    Most strap locks replace the strap button on the guitar side, so the same screw goes back in, or a new screw of a similar size. Then you have to fart around getting the strap side installed. Pain in the ass. I have yet to drop a guitar because the strap came off.
  4. Tuners

    Changing tuning machines is not very difficult, but usually not something I would recommend to the inexperienced. Sometimes you need new screw holes. Sometimes the hole for the tuner needs to be enlarged. I always used a hand reamer if the hole needed to be bigger. Sometimes the holes are too big and then require special grommets or bushings. Also, tuning machines are almost never the reason a guitar goes out of tune. How they are installed in much more likely. Crap tuners are hard to get in tune, but the physics of it makes it near impossible for the post to rotate as long as the post gear and worm gear are engaged. I like better tuners because they make tuning easier and will last almost forever. $150 is the low end of decent tuning machines.
  5. Hello

    Greetings from Colorado, USA.
  6. Hi, I'm new member!

    Greetings and felicitations!
  7. Guitars for Sale?

    Don't you already have a guitar or two and can't yet play? I think you have a desire to have guitars, but not so much passion regarding playing. If you want to spend money, I have a 1966 Ampeg Jet guitar amp for sale. Its in great condition. I bought it 30 some years ago and it has been in my studio/office ever since. It would cost about $50 to pack it up and ship it. https://denver.craigslist.org/msg/d/vintage-1966-ampeg-jet-model/6527940520.html
  8. Hello from Canada

    I agree, although there are people that want to make money playing. They have to make the audience happy. I quit playing for money decades ago.
  9. reading music

    I don't read music. I can tell you the notes on the staff, but I have to think about it, and its not how I learned.
  10. Hello from Canada

    Welcome to a bunch of guitar players. Be afraid. Be very afraid. :-) If you are committed, try to avoid ShadyBrook. I hear its haunted.
  11. percussion on mini guitars

    Usually by hitting the guitar with your hands or other implement.
  12. Earth fire acoustic

    I am stuck on Imperial measure, but I can do the conversions. The high E, from the bottom of the string to the top of the 12th fret should be close to 1/16 inch or 1.5748 mm. The bottom of the low E string to the top of the 12th fret should be around 3/32 inches or 2.38125 mm. My guitars are very close to exactly those numbers. At the nut we're looking at something just bigger than a hair. Perhaps 1/64 inch, or 0.396875 mm. Here's the answer from the experts at Frets.com: http://frets.com/FretsPages/Musician/GenSetup/NutAction/nutaction.html Frets.com is a great guitar resource. Bookmark it.
  13. May as Well Buy This

    It looks in good condition, but being a guitar snob, I don't think a Gretsch made in Korea is really a Gretsch. Of course, that's why the low price. If I bought a Gretsch, I think I would get an older 6120 - the model that George Harrison played in early Beatles recordings. $2000 to $3000, so I'll not be buying one.
  14. Agile vs PRS

    I have never played an Agile guitar, so I can't offer an informed opinion. I have played PRS guitars . The PRS I've played were pretty good, but in a much higher price range. Like 4 or 5 times the models you listed. On the web, either one used sells for around the same price, at least according to my quick search.
  15. Earth fire acoustic

    I agree with Doug. At the beginning playability is the most important factor. Sadly, many inexpensive guitars do not have good playability, or action. Some can be setup to be acceptable, and some can't. Getting a guitar repair guy to set it up might cost more than you paid for the guitar. The action at the nut and saddle both need to be right.
  16. Mastering the 12 String Acoustic

    Physics. More strings means more force is required. Close spacing between the pairs requires a bit more finger placement accuracy. Wide fingerboard to help accommodate the extra strings can be problematic, depending on how long your fingers are, or a great benefit if you have fat fingers. Here's my cover of a David Bromberg 12 string tune. http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/I_Like_to_Sleep_Late.mp3
  17. im back

    Well, my memory is not good enough to remember, but welcome back. Sadly, Eddie passed away last year. I think the others are still kicking.
  18. Cleaning your fretboard/fingerboard

    .010 high E sets are to light. At least go to an .011. Better would be .012. What .010 high E sets are good for is electric guitars string bending. Phosphor bronze is NOT for electric guitars, only acoustic. Bronze, a copper alloy, is a nonferrous metal and doesn't work well at all with magnetic pickups on electric guitars.
  19. Cleaning your fretboard/fingerboard

    Three pints is a lifetime supply for over 100 guitars.
  20. I feel this is a bit extreme. Encouragement is far less destructive. Practice for food could very well turn out the other way, making the child hate music.
  21. Cleaning your fretboard/fingerboard

    This is what I use. Notice the bottle is still mostly full. Not much is needed and not very often.
  22. Cleaning your fretboard/fingerboard

    I get lemon oil at the hardware store. Its usually less expensive there.
  23. On December 9th Carl and I had a jam session and recorded it. Carl plays bass, I play guitar, and a guest, Dismal Turgid, on drums. We played it through a couple times and then picked our favorite. This is also my mix, without Carl helping. I don't hear low frequencies well at all. But, I gave it my best shot as a mix. Its a fairly easy mix. Just drums, bass, and guitar. Let me know what you think of my half deaf jamming and mixing. Its different now that I can't hear well. http://www.rockerbob.com/mp3/BluesJam Dec 9 2017 mix2.mp3
  24. Dec 9 Blues Jam

    Thanks for your support. What I play is always feel because that's how I learned. I don't think about notes or scales. I just play.
  25. Hello Everyone

    Welcome. (I use a great economy of words)