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  1. Man Without a Dog

    The pitch correction is minimal, but it is there. I record many takes and my collaborator then builds a composite track mostly in tune. I've been wearing hearing aids for more than 5 years. I can't hear well even with the aids. At times, I remove all the lows from 500Hz on down to clear up a guitar track. And my guitars are bright to begin with. Distance between sound source and microphone also adds natural dynamic compression. Usually a good thing for acoustic guitar.
  2. Man Without a Dog

    I start with a good guitar with fairly fresh strings. Then I use an AKG-C414 microphone, 2-3 feet away, aimed at the guitar. Your room needs to be quiet because the added distance requires more gain, and so, more gain means every fan, motor, chair, breath and fart get boosted as well. Be very, very quiet. Then, depending on the guitar is part of an ensemble or solo, I use a high pass filter to remove a lot of low frequencies - more when part of a group, less when solo. In most cases I would rather remove some lows instead of adding some highs. Boosting with EQ, at least to me, usually sounds harsh. The recording is recent enough that I was doing a lot of guessing on the mix. I simply don't hear music well anymore. Sadly, that will not improve with time or treatment. I've been doing it so long I can look at effects settings and know what is happening to the audio. I hope my rambling is lucid and coherent. I'm never sure anymore. Keith
  3. beautiful strap

    It's not quite as nasty as a hard road used SM58 mic. I've seen them so bad the holes in the mesh pop filter are filled with years of spit and beer. They are also aromatic.
  4. Castor oil for fretboard?

    I put lemon oil on my fingerboards every 5 to 10 years. If I wasn't pretty sure I don't think I would have used it on my Collings guitars.
  5. beautiful strap

    You don't want to smell it.
  6. beautiful strap

    Those are cool straps. I used to have quite a collection of straps. Over the decades I have settled on black leather, 2.4" to 3.5" wide. The 5 guitars I can see from my keyboard all have black leather straps. I still have a dozen or so straps in a drawer. Hanging on the wall of my man cave is the strap I used in 1978. Peace signs and doves. Could it be more old hippy?
  7. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    Thanks for the nice photos. Copied and archived
  8. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    Eddie was well loved.
  9. Rest In Peace, Eddie

  10. Rest In Peace, Eddie

    Eddie was a good friend to me. I don't have any friends to spare. I'm devastated.
  11. Keith,

    Smort here. Sorry to tell you the Eddie Z has passed away due to complications from surgery . We will all miss him. 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rockerbob


      Let me know where to send condolences, if you know.  I don't know if I can make it through the day.


    3. smort


      You can send a text to his son Greg at 1-708-252-1002


    4. windsong


      Gosh, this is so sad news. Eddie lived not to far from my home town and we talked on skype about me stopp'n over his place when I'm back in the States. He was "trying" to teach me "Wildwood Flower".  Dang. I was told the other day about his health issues and now this.

  12. Castor oil for fretboard?

    Boiled linseed oil was common 30 years ago. More recently Lemon oil seems to be favored. I've used both in the past 40 years. Linseed oil seems to gum up if there is an excess, so now its just the Lemon Oil. And just slightly more often than never. Probably your fingerboard doesn't need oil. Most don't need it at all. You can also go the route of contacting the manufacturer and get their recommendation. So these days I use Lemon oil every 5 to 10 years. Rub a little on and rub it off. Make sure all excess is wiped off or it will make your strings die before their time. I just put the second lemon oil treatment on my Collings OM3. The guitar was made during December 2000. I had the strings off, so I figured what the hell. I don't treat these guitars casually. Collings guitars a fairly expensive. I have no problem using lemon oil every few years. I started using Lemon oil in about 1979 when I was the guitar repair guy at a local store. I have never heard of castor oil being used. I don't know its properties so I can't say if its a good fingerboard oil or not. I think I would prefer nothing, which is totally acceptable, rather than taking a chance with an unknown. I'm considering a Lemon oil treatment for my Tom Anderson electric guitar. I've had it for more than a decade and I've never put oil put on the fingerboard. It might be time for a light coat.
  13. This was very much "In The Moment." I got digital drums programed, then Carl and I jammed over the drums. We did 5 or 6 takes and chose the take we like best. The whole CD is pretty much the same. We jam over some drums and keep the takes we like. Our goal was to sound like a three piece jam band.
  14. Thanks much. I try not to compare to big star players. That's an easy way to become frustrated. My main goal is to try to make it not suck.
  15. The Making of my Brass Guitar Slides

    My approval is not required for the video to be cool, but I give it anyway.