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  1. Jazz Bass kit wiring problem

    Up and running, but neck pickup not working, I'm happy wiring is ok now though. I'm going to take pick up off, suspect wire off back of pickup. ive found a tame guitar builder locally, didn't want to get it fixed by someone else but happy to consult! many thanks for your help Mike. Ken
  2. Jazz Bass kit wiring problem

    Thanks Mike, yeah quite a spaghetti mess, the control panel was already prewired, apart from the stray wire, I wired the two pickups to their partner volume pots, and the earth from bridge to pick up pot. After seeing the video, I'm now of the opinion that the stray wire is an earth and belongs on the back of the bridge pick up volume pot. I'll give that a go. Here's a pic I found online which I followed as a guide. cheers
  3. Jazz Bass kit wiring problem

    Hi guys, newbie on this forum. I've searched extensively, without success, for a solution. i bought a rocktile Jazz Bass kit (I know, not great quality, just wanted to see if I could do it) . The problem is there were no wiring instructions, I've managed to find instructions elsewhere on the net. But now I've found I have a "stray" single core wire soldered to the back of the tone pot, and I haven't a clue where to attach the other end. I've got an earth wire running from the back of the bridge pickup volume pot to the bridge, and I wonder if the stray wire might also be an earth, but attached to what? Thanks in advance for any help or guidance.