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  1. Should I use this as a first guitar? (Morena)

    Hi, new to the Forum. Found it by looking for info on Morena guitars. Since this is the first post here in six years, it'll be a wonder if it's still active! Anyway . . . I have owned a Morena six-string (nylon) for decades. The inside label reads: Morena Musical Instruments Co., Ltd. New Style No. 1200. I purchased it ca. 1969 from a pretty decent music shop in Tijuana, Mexico, back when it was safe to go there from the U.S. I think I paid about $30 or $40 for it back then, the equivalent of maybe $250 in today's money. Despite its modest cost, it has always had a rich, bright sound and has provided countless hours of entertainment. No idea where it was manufactured. I'm a little older now and starting to get back into playing. Interesting that a lot of my "finger memory" has lasted while much of the rest of my memory hasn't fared quite so well. But music quite literally has a special place in our brains. Cheers!