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  2. How to delete PMs when full?

    I have no idea what that other crap is. I can't find the destructions to empty PMs? I can't send one because it's full. ************HELP****************
  3. Guitars for Sale?

    Looking for a low end solid body with humbuckers, set in neck, coil splitter, stuff
  4. strap locks

    OK, silly question, but this IS the place for silly people! Are there any strap locks that don't required screws? And where? I've been shopping for 2 hours (not just for those)
  5. Help deciding

    Well, it sure is beautiful. I wouldn't kick her out of bed. Strat favorite.
  6. Help deciding

    It even LOOKS neck heavy. It might not be so obvious to me if it weren't next to the strat. You teach, huh? The Gibson (or Epi) next over looks like granite. That is cool! My favorite color, too.
  7. Agile vs PRS

    A friend is offering to sell me a guitar. I haven't talked to anyone about this, so I'm asking ya'll. The money is not a consideration (between my friend and I). Up for purchase we have: 2014 Tribal Red Agile AL 2000 & a _______Vintage Cherry PRS SE Standard 22. Come on. . . ! I don't care if you laugh at me

    OooooK. This is driving me batshit crazy. Trying to order Ernie Ball strings from Amazon. Apparently you have to know a secret code, i.e. 3223 I finally figured out is Super Slinky. Now, where in the whole wide world of Amazon do I tell them what size I want??? On every pack they list every size. The only ones that tell you in the actual add are 9s. WTF???
  9. My guitars have been in the desert for a year now, and they need a bath badly. Gibson says don't let any oil get on the strings, but others have said clean them up as well. Which is ok? And the frets are poking out painfully on the strat.
  10. May as Well Buy This

    http://www.epiphonetalk.com/threads/for-sale-gretsch-5623-electromatic-centerblock-bono-red-and-hsc.3103/#post-46240 where is my post? why can't i ever find anything? i got 10 picks and a capo now
  11. PRS Custom SE 22 guitar playthrough video

    Thanks for the video. To my untrained ears in parts of it the backing track is too much- I really appreciate it
  12. Help deciding

    Wow. How they play is for someone else. I just want to say the Ibanez is SHARP.
  13. Mastering the 12 String Acoustic

    Rocketman: Listened to you cover David Bromberg tonight. That's the second song I listened to you play and sing. You sound beautiful. Like you said, your hands remember. Well, so does your soul. You can still sing beautifully. I would think you would feel it in your chest. And or head. Don't be discouraged-keep doing it so you can keep doing it. You're wonderful now. Your good. No worries. I can't even imagine playing a 12 string.
  14. Mastering the 12 String Acoustic

    I never knew you could get an Ibanez cheap. That's wonderful ! Re: your hands. I swear by this as a cure all: ultrasound. No shots, no cutting, 5 minutes and you're outta there.
  15. I must've lost it along the road somewhere

    1. 6string


      Road Trip causality !

  16. redtex My gear

    This is part of MY gear. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=wooden+guitar This helped break me of modding everything. And this, too. I have one just like it, but I don't wanna show a pic right now, as I broke a string and now only have 3. Like what happened to my MG Midget. Not so good on 3 cylinders. But it rocks with 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWtGf6OQH9M Alrighty then. Boy did I screw up. It's too early in the morning for pictures. Yeah, that was me up there, Samantha Fish. 2006 Squier Strat TV Yellow 2016 Epi LP P90s Williams Legato/88 keys + synthesizer Cheesy 10w Squier amp
  17. Guitar Maintenance for Beginners

    Crap. A whole paragraph gone. The wifi guy was here. we're in the big time now. Fiber optic. Thread is called Older Beginners. Be nice is you put some of your VIP advice there (it's under chit/chat), and answered future questions. I just put it there today. And definitely, put your opinions of the vids up. Thanks. Whenever goathead shows his face, he's gonna kill this thread coz I told him too. Love that guy. Thank you for everything !!
  18. Shoot, 40. I just copied your thread. Well, maybe not. I seem to have a habit of jumping in without looking around. Older Beginners is a little different, I guess. I'm going back to messin with pictures. I deserve it. I fixed the leak under the kitchen sink for the 3rd time, and now the washing machine just broke. Somethin else but I forgot. Probably on porpoise.
  19. Some people online are bad enough, but I actually had an acquaintance tell me f2f that it was a little late to be starting. I don't even remember who it was, nor do I care.
  20. Welcome to the only forum that's not like that.
  21. Did I not answer you?!? How friggin rude. I didn't mean to post in your profile a minute ago. I guess erase it. We had a new thread in the Chit/Chat section: Older Beginners. You and I MIGHT be close to the same place-let's see !! I found a great video you might like-it is the Marty Schwartz one on that thread. A year ago, I got my first. One of those $99 Squier Strats (2006) Cherry Burst. Not too too long after that I got an Epi Les Paul P90s TV yellow. That's the one I like. Right now I'm trying to figure out how to post pictures in here-on posts and replies. I say I am making a $99 guitar collection. But I just blew it. Not too bad. A friend sold me his 2014 Tribal Red Agile AL-2000 (humbuckers !!) It was the end of the last run of the 2000s.Can'twait to see the S/N.The only thing he did was change the ceramic ones out for Alnico Vs. Yay, I say ! It got on the big brown truck TODAY !!! And with the original HSC. Good friend. And it only has to cross Texas. Yipeee !! No, I'm not excited. He puts 12s on all his guitars, but I can't decide between 10s or 11s. What do you think? I'm dying to go shopping and the time is now. Ooops. You're not the one to ask, since we have different animals. On your acoustic, would you say you had light strings or medium?
  22. Left Pinky Blues and Handedness

    Hey goatface ! Yat ? Need mo hep. xoxo
  23. Left Pinky Blues and Handedness

    LOL.I have to use my right hand to tell my left hand what to do also-"what we have here, is a failure to communicate"
  24. Guitar Maintenance for Beginners

    Back again. Haven't done anything to guitars yet, but I called to ask you if I can put your advice in the new thread "Older Beginners". I feel like I've taken over and I don't like it, but I'm full of ideas and I think I have a bad case of PP: Practice Procrastination (copyright). I read all your advice over again just now. I have this food grade mineral oil + vitamin E. Nowhere does it say anything else, but that probably doesn't mean anything. So, everybody yelling "lemon oil", I'm thinking I can make my own with essential oils, then I read up a little on the acidity that you don't want. So, I picked an intelligent victim and said "Just show me a picture of what you use". Old English lemon oil. Got 4 pints of it (wood floors). Is that the stuff you recommend? So finally, I hope I have a successful thread in Older Beginners, since only one or two (not here) have been too successful. There seems to be a lot of older beginners here. Like I said, Off Topic. Me. I have learned, anyway. Forgot that's what PMs are for. So I wanted to check with you before I said something stupid. Can you put just your posts in the thread for me? Also, I realized after creating this one, there is already a permanent one on the forum that I just duplicated. Research, research, research. If you put your advice in, use a different title than I did here. And then I'll get 6string to kill this one. Please keep the links to fret sprouts and tuners, or I'll put them in there while you're doing other stuff. Already have 2-3 advisors, and will have at least 2 more, if you're interested. Just keep an eye on it and jump in when need be. Thanks, Tania
  25. Cleaning your fretboard/fingerboard

    That one got stole while it was on the porch drying. I'm sorry.