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  1. What year is it?

    I can't find the current year to sign in/do signature? Hi 6pack. I was looking everywhere for you. On the wrong forum. Between the two, I'm twice as confused! They are so different and I'm trying to make 'em the same. Let's pretend I've never been here and start from step 1 and make signature. SAVE ME, SOMEBODY (Bruuuuce) texred
  2. HELP-how to I get out of 2006

    Well, hello back to ya'll. We could go back and forth like this, but it won't help my chords!
  3. Hello.

    KD, Hi! Reaching out. I'm a loner too, and WAY older than you, teaching myself electric. I have spent the first year mostly on theory, but now I'm trying to memorize a few all-purpose scales. Memorize is the hard part-not playing them. Kind of doing chords at the same time. Definitely DO NOT practice enough. Now, maybe you could tell me how to get my name and avatar up there? Please?
  4. Trying to say hi, but even trouble with that. This does not bode well. Operator Error. texred