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  1. Beginner Here

    Heya, thanks for the reply. Metal doesn't have to be screamy all the time lol Its certainly fun to play. I ended up taking the guitar in last night and it was definitely my up with the new strings that was causing the problems and endless frustration so that's resolved. I also switched my amp in and everything seems to be a bit better now. Well see how it goes!
  2. Beginner Here

    Hey all! Im new to guitar, prefer metal and rock of course. I am about 2 months into lessons and was loving it until I upgraded to a Gibson Les Paul. I know this sounds ridiculous. Anyone else having issues with this guitar? Seems I have to tune it literally every time I pick it up. I also bought it used on sale so I'm wondering if that's why its so horrible. Any recommendations for a different brand as I'm trading this one in probably today.