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  1. Sure you can do it. There are many metal/rock songs which have acoustic part. You still can do the rhythm parts which have distortion. The sound is not exactly but it's not the problems. You can try some Metallica's songs: Nothing else matters, Fade to black, One, etc. However, the solo part is hard when playing by acoustic. You still do it but it will be harder and the sound is not right enough. It's better if you have an electric guitar and a guitar amp with headphone but if you can't have an electric guitar right now pick up your acoustic guitar and play. Don't worry
  2. Scale on scales

    Try to play scales with some backing tracks. It will help you more exciting on practice and play music. When you play with a backing track you will notice how the scales react with chords. And practice everyday with scales, be patience and your hand will move on scales naturally one day