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  1. Hi!

    My name is Larry and I live in the north East of England, wet and windy land. I've been playing guitar on and off for more years than I can remember (I'm now 50), and I hope one day to be actually able to play it! I currently have 3 guitars, the newest a Jose Ferrer classical, the oldest a Fender DG5 which I breathed new life into yesterday by putting new strings on her (D'addario Extra Lights). I had that guitar for Christmas 2004 and it's always been there, waiting to shine. A couple of years after I had it I treated it to a set up which lowered the action, making it playable. Even so it always felt like I was playing a cheese grater, so painful. Putting those extra lights on saved the guitar, she's like a different guitar! I also have a Tanglewood Discovery series super folk with cutaway and onboard electronics. It's much smaller than the Fender and easier for me to handle, and it's a fabulous guitar, straight out of the box, no set up needed. Other instruments I have are a Tanglewood ukulele, a Deacon A style mandolin, a digital piano, 2 recorders, a clarinet and a cheap mouth organ! Like I said putting the new strings on has given the Fender (named Tilly) a new lease of life and I hope to play again, get past the sore fingers stage! I found an article on this site showing alternative E and A chords, playing from the 5th and 7th fret , and I had a go, even coming up with my own (X07750 to X07760) Anyway that's me done for now, look forward to meeting you all and getting on with my playing.
  2. This is just something I came up with last year while messing around on my Tanglewood, using a strum/stop rhythm method, capo on 2nd fret Blue Boy
  3. Hi!

    Cheers guys
  4. I enjoyed trying these, and inadvertently came up with a variant of the cool E chord, playing X07750 by mistake. But I liked what I heard, then changed the 5 to a 6.
  5. You don't stop playing when you get old, you get old when you stop playing!

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