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  1. Hello!

    Hi Mike. I'm new too. Started learning accoustic five week ago, really love it
  2. Hi

    And thanks for the warm welcome guys
  3. Hi

    Hi Janvign I started learning a couple of chords and just spent time building up the callouses on my chord fingers by repetition. I started slowly as your fingers will get tender - say ten mins day for few days and now I put in an hour to two hours practice daily. Obviously I can't yet chord change that quickly At work I try put in finger stretching- warm up just like you would before an exercise class as it helps the blood flow and suppleness my my future goal really is to be good enough to jam with my musician friends- I get stage fright so think I'll leave that to the professionals! I'm pleased to see a forum like this as I'd like to learn and maybe make music buddies
  4. Hi

    Thanks Mike sharon
  5. Hi

    I'm new here. Started learning accoustic 4wks ago and I'm looking forward to sharing tips