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  1. Bossa Nova

    Hi Kirk, I just received your lesson on Sugar Loaf, Bossa Nova lesson 1 in my short time since I bought Plane Talk and started with your lessons. I think I still have a copy of the LP of Jazz Samba in my milk crates of LPs - having long ago transferred them all to CD - and agree that it was a great landmark. Saw Getz at Perth Concert Hall but have never been a fan of the sax. Thanks for Sugar Loaf, I have never tried to play any Latin American, but this one goes into my practice book right now and I hope I don't have too much difficulty with it. I have benefitted hugely from Plane Talk and although I am not improvising in any worthwhile way yet am having a lot of fun noodling while I try to visualise the fretboard as you have shown it can be done. My mental fretboard map is vastly improved over what it was pre Plane Talk. Thanks for that.