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  1. 3 Licks in G major (or G ionian)

    Thank you!
  2. Hello everyone! Today I bring you a small cover of the Pokemon Center of the blue/red edition of the game for gameboy. One is feeling old hahahaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMinAuhkiBc
  3. ooh man thank you!
  4. Hey guys, what's up?? I want to show you 3 awesome licks in G major or Ionian. I hope you like!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFUUw14GHwA
  5. Hi folks! It's me again I want to show you 3 Licks in G dorian very useful. I have played in the original tempo and slow tempo too. I hope you enjoy!
  6. Hi folks, It's me again! The last few days I've tried to soloing with minor and major pentatonics. What better way to learn that than solo from Robben Ford? I hope you enjoy!
  7. Playing a Wes Montgomery's Solo

    Thanks Mike!
  8. Playing Invention of Bach

    Hi there! It's me playing Invention Number I of Bach. I think it is the one interesting way to practice your technique and "scale's skill" as well. What do you thing?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyrXWyBgf7s
  9. HI!! It's me playing Wes Montgomery's solo over West Coast Blues. It's only the first part but I think it's long enough hahahaha
  10. Joe Satriani Rubina's Solo

    Hi! It's me playing solo of Rubina by Joe Satriani
  11. Hey folks I have just made this video about 30 days playing a sequence of sweep picking and tapping and practicing only ten minutes per day. I decided to do this video to show you how it’s possible to improve by practicing only 10 minutes per day and also to encourage you to try this. The truth is that I’m currently very happy with my progress, I didn’t expect this! In fact, I need to tell you that I already knew how to play sweep picking before doing this exercise, I simply wanted to improve it. For this reason I decided to start with a long chord progression and use tapping finger. If you are just starting with sweep picking, I would recommend you to begin with something more simple like a sweep picking with only three strings, just one chord and played at 100 bpm for example. To finish, I wanted to say that the are some ways to practice sweep picking, this is only one. Thank you for your visit, I hope you enjoy it!