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  1. At some points he is playing just notes and the left guitarist harmonize the chords with delay and reverb.
  2. He plays the same thing as acoustic but he plays it one 10. or 11 th frets and in different form.
  3. Which scale should I use ??

    How do you find them by geometry?
  4. Hello guys, I want to ask one (maybe stupid) question. I'm playing a lot of heavy metal and genres like this but lately I have been improvising some jazz over backing tracks. I'm wondering what scale should I play over some chords. For example one backing track was in E. The rhythm played E7 chord I played E pentatonic scale (don't know if it fits the chord) and then the rhythm changed to A7 and I was still playing E pentatonic major but it sounded out of key and I than started to play E major scale. Should I change to A major scale or I will go out of key? So what scale to choose over what chords - for example the progression is C7 - Dm7. Should I play only C major over both of the chords or should I change the scale ?? :/ Thanks in advance!