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  1. Hal Leonard Guitar method

    I have went ahead and bought the 3 Hal Leonard guitar method books for my kindle and started. I like how he teaches u to read music while u learn to play.
  2. Hal Leonard Guitar method

    Has anyone ever used the Hal Leonard Guitar Method books to learn to play guitar? Are they good books to use?
  3. Learning to read music

    Thanx Ive been away for 9 years so I'm still getting used to google.
  4. Learning to read music

    Does anyone know a good site that teaches u to read guitar music, or a book that will? thanx for the help
  5. Hello all

    Im doing the guitar academy online lessons and the first exercise he has u do im having problems with cus when i work thru the strings my thumb keeps cramping up from pressing it to the back of the neck damn it sux.
  6. Hello all

    I played guitar for 4 years when I was a teenager 20 years ago but havent touched since I was 18. Friend of mine bought me a brand new Arcadia kit today so I'm back to learning all over again. It's been so long since I played it's like I never played before. Worst thing is my hand cramping, and no callus's on my finger tips ;-)