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  1. Uninformed Noob Looking for Amp Suggestions

    I've been playing guitar for about 35 years just as a hobby, I love to sit down an improvise with backing tracks. Anyway, I've had a few practice amps in that time. "Marshels, fenders, Rollands ect.. I have to say out of them all the boss katana 50 is the best bang for the buck IMHO and the boss tone studio software if extremely versatile, you can get any tone. So for a smaller, affordable but still very loud amp I love it. Check it out. .
  2. Help deciding

    Ok, so I found an aria pro II xr series electric with all the original parts for only 79 bucks and I have an Ibanez GRG120BDX , The aria is an 1987 model # 7080276 most likely made in Korea since it does not say "Made in Japan" though some are trying to say it was made in the Japan factory, but I doubt it would be only 79 bucks if that where the case. My question is, even if it was made in korea would it be a better build quality, better wood, tuners and such then the Geo?. The reason I even ask was when I was just 15 I had an aria pro 2 that would eat this Geo hands down, but it got smashed at a party by some ass who thought I banged his girl and I threw it away, no idea what model, I have never had a guitar that I liked as much sense. I can not afford a high end guitar at the moment as I have COPD and can no longer work outside doing the only thing i have ever done, construction. Thanks for the help .