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  1. Stand by mode

    Thanks, Its funny you mention McIntosh. I have and old carver sliver seven T tube amp. That i still use this day for my older LP's
  2. Stand by mode

    My ? is do you keep a tube amp in stand by mode all the time or turn it off. I do try to us it everyday . The head unit is Traynor YCS100H Custom Special 100H that iam using right now
  3. Hi from ont,canada

    my younger brother has been playing for 30 years now .And i really liked is ibenaz jem so i went out and got one . As for the pedal board bestbuy was getting rid of all there stock for dirt cheep so i bought up as many as a could . They no longer have a big music department now . And yes iam still finding my TONE , really like john lee hooker, BB,KING , Albert KING, T,BONE waker
  4. Hi from ont,canada

    I am just starting out ! I am 48 They say its never to late to learn will SEE I have working the pentatonic scale. And some cords .Looking to learn some the blues.So I have been getting some gear . And pick up some hal leonard guitar books.And looking to find some one to play with that maybe just starting out to