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  1. I ended up getting new strings put on my guitar and all is well. It sounds and feels so much better! I also had the tuner tested and they said it was fine. Thanks for all of your advice.
  2. Thanks for the link. Not sure if I am quite able to tune by ear. I know if something is really off when I'm playing one of the songs that I'm used to playing for my exercises, but not at all sure what it should sound like on its own. I will give it a try tho - thanks
  3. Thanks for everyone's replies. I did change the batteries, I am using the input channel rather than the mic, I am tuning an electric guitar and the strings could be old - Not sure if I had them changed. It would have been a year ago if I did. The korg "manual" is all of a one page pamphlet. I did push the calibration buttons and the manual sound button and the A tone happened. I can stop that tone but it feels like I'm having a hard time getting out of that mode. That is when it start flashing from the note I'm trying to tune back to the A. However, even before this happened, The guitar sounded awful after I tuned it up - and the tuner wasn't flashing or doing anything weird at that point. I had tuned it up about a month before and it seemed to work good that time.
  4. Hi all. I am a newbie to this forum and guitar playing! I have a korg chromatic tuner I use with tuning my electric guitar. It has been doing a good job of tuning up my guitar. However, I just tuned it up and the notes all sound off. When I play chords they sound bad and the open G sounds really awful. I put new batteries in it but it isn't any better. Any hints as to what may be going on? The tuner is also jumping all over the place. It flashes from B, C to E to G. Its going wacky Another question, I noticed when reading the manual that one can calibrate the Hz. Would that affect it? What should it be? It is currently set to 444hz Really appreciate any input.