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  1. HI, everyone, my beloved wife was a member of your site for years but has not been able to participate for half a decade because of a medical issue. I am asking this question for her at her request. She has composed numerous songs during the years she could not join in the delights of this site, and she would like to know how to create tablature for them so she does not forget how to play them (if I am stating that correctly). Sadly, I am not a musician and know little about the guitar except how to string one. (I have learned that by helping her.) Are there places on this site that discuss such things so I could print them out for her? Or are there other sites that would be useful? Or perhaps even books that are not too involved that could help her create tablature for her own songs? She can READ tabs fine but does not know how to create them; and she believes there are some useful pieces of information that, if known, would help her learn to do this more rapidly. My wife plays quite well and has a Taylor koa guitar. She does not read sheet music, something I learned to do in choir. Thanks so much for any help you can offer us!!!
  2. How do you create tabs for a song you wrote?

    Once again, thank you! I will check those out tomorrow. By the way, unless my wife's memory is failing, when I told her it was 6string who responded with some help, she said, "Oh, 6string! I remember him. He is a great guy." I hope she really DOES remember you since I took the chance of telling you that, but anyway, she is most grateful to you, and so am I. Good night!
  3. How do you create tabs for a song you wrote?

    Hi, 6string, Thank you so much for replying! I probably ought to give you a bit more information about my wife's condition to let you know what she can and cannot do. In late 2011 or early 2012, she developed a full-blown case of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). Almost all forms of electricity are lethal to her. Apparently, this had been coming on for many years, and it was exacerbated by the increasing proliferation of various radio frequency (RF) sources in our lives: cell phones, cell towers, powerful router and cordless phones, three smart meters from our utility company, and almost incessant use of her iMac to practice her guitar on sites like this one. But it finally almost did her in, and she nearly died numerous times before we figured out what was going on. Now, after we got rid of all these devices (except the computer, which I can still use sometimes with shielding by keeping it far from her in our home, but without any wireless functions for mouses, printers or routers) she is stronger than when she literally almost lost her life in 2012 because her heart was not pumping blood. But she still cannot use or even be near a computer at all. So she will not be able to use any of the cool sites that require her to do the work on line. She will have to write out by hand anything she does. Even if I knew how to do it on line for her, I simply don't have the time. Most of my life is spent trying to keep the family going and keep her alive. So I need sources that will tell her how to write out her own tabs on paper. I can print out the blank forms, of course, but from there on, she will be doing the work. So I guess she needs to know the basics of notation (what symbols stand for what, etc.). It is too bad I am so illiterate on this topic, for I really want to help her but don't know how to do it. Anyway, that is a bit more about us and her needs for help. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN, 6STRING!