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    Hello all! I recently acquired an old Aspen hollowbody electric guitar. The neck pickup seems to play fine through my amp, but when I switch the selector to the middle position and the bridge position I loose signal. There are volume and tone controls for each of the pickups, which I have tried fiddling around with to no avail (they work for the neck pickup, have no affect on non-functional bridge pickup). I have been playing guitar for a while, but have never switched out any electronics or done any sort of repair. I would love to learn how to repair this myself but have no idea where to start. Does anybody have any suggestions where to start / how to diagnose the problem / if this is even doable for a newbie? Additional information The pickups are humbuckers I see no plate to gain access to the inside, I've heard this means I will need to go through the sound hole / input jack I have a soldering gun but very little experience soldering The guitar is pretty old, I'd say made in the late 80's Thank you for your help!