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  1. When will my fingers stop hurting?

    Well I practice nearly 2 hours almost every week night. Some nights it might be only an hour though. I have a lot of free time after work once Ive had dinner so whilst the Tv is on in the background Im usually practicing. At this stage Im just learning to play songs from Riffstation and other Youtube videos. Once I master some chord changes and have it down pat then I might look at learning scales etc.
  2. When will my fingers stop hurting?

    Well 5 weeks later I can play for a good 2 hours before my fingers get real sore so my callouses have certainly developed nicely. I know the following chords and can switch between them nicely D A E G C Amin Emin Dmin and my first bar chord Bmin.
  3. Fender Cd-60 opinions

    What you guys have said is exactly how I felt when I played it. Ive only been playing 3 weeks and previously when Ive been to the music store there is no way I would have played a guitar for fear of looking like an idiot. They have a guitar display room with a couch off to the side of the main store and no one was in there so I sat down and started playing this guitar. The sound was amazing and it felt so easy to play. I was switching chords without missing strings etc and was quite amazed at how easy it seemed to be to play. I fell in love with this guitar, it felt and sounded amazing and looked really nice to. I think I might have to go and buy it.
  4. Fender Cd-60 opinions

    Hello, Just wondering what people's opinions are on this guitar for a beginner? I played it in in my local music store yesterday and thought it sounded really good. The neck seems wider than my current guitar which is a Greg Bennet D7 which sounds kind of tinny to me.
  5. When will my fingers stop hurting?

    Thanks for the replies. I just had the action lowered so it's not the strings being too high. I do have a capo but was told by someone not to use it whilst learning but I suppose until I get my fingers hard it's probably a good idea for now anyway. I really want to play longer than 5 minutes as I have plenty of spare time after work at night. Im actually quite surprised at how quickly I learned to just play the first 3 chords and swap between them. I'm assuming it's perhaps memory from years ago when I was learning.
  6. When will my fingers stop hurting?

    Tonight I practiced switching from A to D and E and visa versa (And was quite happy with my progress so far I might add) but after about 5 minutes my fingers were in agony. They felt like they were cut really bad but weren't. I stopped for 1/2 an hour then tried again but this time it was only a few minutes before I had to stop. They feel slightly sore now an hour later which I'm hoping is a good sign that callouses are forming. I certainly want to be able to practice more than 5 minutes or so a day.
  7. When will my fingers stop hurting?

    I won't give up but it's very annoying. I want to practice for 15 minutes a day and I can barely make 5 minutes without having to stop all the time.
  8. Hello, Ive only been practicing for a week and Im at the stage where I can only play for a few minutes before my fingers start hurting and I have to stop. How long does it take for callouses to form? I wanted to try and get in at least 15 minutes practice a day but I am unable to as I have to stop after a few minutes.